Environmentally friendly cleaning technology - sustainable and CO2-neutral

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- Made in Germany -

Systeco stands for effective and innovative cleaning technology. This company, based in Germany,  guaranties solid quality of its environmentally friendly product because since 2005 we are experts when it comes to permanent stains and soiling on surfaces. 

With our patented and eco-friendly vacuum blasting cleaning technology we developed a future oriented and climate neutral cleaning method that allows us to use regrowing raw materials such as walnut shells. Its handiness and functionality as well as the highly economical characteristics differentiate us from other methods and technologies as well.

Moreover, the brought application rage of this environmental friendly cleaning machine goes from graffiti removal over mole elimination, photoengravings, renovation of fire damage, boat cleaning to redevelopment of stairs.

advantages of systeco
cleaning technology

- no high pressure
- no water
- no chemicals
- no protective clothing
- normal power supply
- easy handling
- light and compact
- low noise level
- no hazardous waste
- applicable in frost
- in public areas

- 100% CO2-neutral

Innovative cleaning technology - with no pressure - no water - no chemicals - exclusively at systeco

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frequently asked questions

What is vacuum blasting?

Vacuum blasting with Tornado ACS

The vacuum blasting process, also called vacuum blasting or minimal-abrasive vacuum blasting, differs significantly from conventional sandblasting.

While in the sandblasting process the abrasive is applied with pressure to the surface, vacuum blasting method pulls the granulate out of the container by generated negative pressure in the jet cap and accelerates it in the jet lance to 400 km/h. The high impact speed of the abrasive quickly removes dirt and paint from the surface. 

After turning on, the jet cap (6) is placed on the surface (8) and adheres to it by vacuum. With inserting the jet lance (7) into the jet cap (6) the cycle is closed.
By gravity the granules (2) are then passed through from the lower container (1) to a dosing system (3) into the air flow (4). The granules (2) are then transported through a flexible suction house (5) into the jet cap (6). Through the jet lance (7) the granulate impinges on the surface (8) to be worked on. By moving the jet lance (7) the surface can be cleaned quickly and dust-free, stripped or roughened up. The process can be optimally monitored and controlled via 3 vision panels (9). After impinging, the granules (2) and the removed dirt particles are sucked in immediately again.

On which surfaces can the system be used?

The vacuum blasting process can basically be used on all mineral surfaces. It can also be used on plastic and painted surfaces.
The vacuum blasting technique has many advantages over conventional pressure blasting methods. Due to the high impact velocity, hard substances are broken up and removed, while soft substances absorb the energy immediately. This means that thick saltpeter or lime deposits can be removed easily, but chewing gum or other soft substances cannot be removed from the surface using this vacuum blasting method. Furthermore, the vacuum blasting technique can only be used on dry surfaces.

In order to create a vacuum, the jet hood hood must close tightly on the surface. Unevennesses of 15 to 25 mm are compensated by the sponge rubber. Larger unevennesses can only be processed with special attachments.

The biggest advantage of vacuum blasting is the closed circuit, which allows permanent use of the blasting media and work without protective clothing. Another great advantage of this vacuum blasting method is the easy handling and the low noise level of the cleaning machine. In addition, vacuum blasting with the Tornado ACS can be performed at any power outlet.

The minimal-abrasive technology is particularly suitable for use on surfaces under monument protection . The Tornado ACS cleaning machine removes the soiling and protects the surface.

Which work safety measures must be observed?

No special work safety measures need to be observed during vacuum blasting. Due to the vacuum blasting technology, no debris or granules escape to the outside. Protective clothing and protective glasses are not necessary. The risk of accidents is reduced to a minimum.

Is it possible to create photo engravings with vacuum blasting?

granite photo engraving with vacuum blasting process from systeco

The patented vacuum blasting process of the Tornado ACS is the perfect solution for engraving portraits and QR codes on granite. The sensitive blasting foil is not damaged with the soft blasting process. The photos and QR codes can be applied to granite in the workshop or directly on site. Due to the closed circuit of the Vakuum Strahlverfahrens, no soiling occurs when creating a photo engraving on granite.

The creation of photo engravings with the vacuum blasting unit from systeco has many advantages. The area to be blasted can be as large as desired and the blasting foil is not damaged even during longer and intensive blasting.

While with pressure blasting you have to be very careful not to blast at an angle or too close together, with vacuum blasting you always get excellent results. You don't have to be a professional to do this.

Would you like to know how a photo engraving is created? Then learn more about creating Fotogravuren auf Granit here. 

Cleaning technology - with no pressure - no water - no chemicals

graffiti removal on concrete
Fire damage restoration in basement without dirt
remove graffiti under monument protection
Remove floor markings without dirt
boat cleaning with no pressure, no water, no chemicals
photo engraving with vacuum blasting of systeco
granite cleaning with vacuum blasting
Reinigung im Denkmalschutz mit Vakuumstrahlen

systeco at international trade fairs

For many years, systeco GmbH has been directly represented at the important trade fairs with its Tornado ACS cleaning machines.

At many other fairs we are represented by our trade partners..

To demonstrate our surface-friendly working method, we show how to remove nail polish from fingernails without harming the hand. The fingernail is removed after 5 seconds. A highlight at every trade show.

environmentally friendly and climate neutral cleaning technology

With the environmentally friendly and carbon-neutral cleaning technology from systeco, building facades, floors, and stairs can be cleaned without leaving any residue. Chemicals are completely avoided, which not only protects the environment but also provides a healthier working environment. Cleaning is done through the innovative Tornado ACS vacuum blasting process, where a special granulate is pulled onto the surface to be cleaned by a vacuum. The result is impressive: even stubborn dirt such as graffiti or limescale is completely removed, and the original state of the surface is restored. The blasting material remains largely undamaged and can be used up to 100 times in a closed cycle. The systeco cleaning technology is suitable for both private and commercial use and can be used, for example, by building cleaning companies or construction companies. Due to its high efficiency, this process saves time and costs compared to conventional cleaning methods. Overall, systeco offers a sustainable alternative to conventional cleaning with its environmentally friendly technology - without compromising on cleanliness and quality. Cleaning with systeco is not only environmentally friendly but also gentle on the surfaces to be cleaned. By avoiding aggressive chemicals, the material is preserved and lasts longer. Overall, systeco has positioned itself as an innovative provider of sustainable cleaning solutions - an important contribution to environmental protection and resource efficiency in our society.