Cleaning technology - Made in Germany

The patented eco friendly cleaning technology Tornado ACS made in Germany, operates with a unique and revolutionary vacuum blast method with no high pressure, no water and no chemicals.

The eco friendly technology of the Tornado ACS cleaning machine is the ideal alternative to pressure washers and dry ice blasting.

This minimal-abrasive cleaning technology enables an eco friendly gentle cleaning, devarnishing and removing of lacquer from surfaces. With the vacuum blast method the Tornado ACS cleans in a continuous circulation. Thus used granules can be reused in following cycles. The application in any interior area, as well as in particularly endangered rooms is with this innovative cleaning technology without problems. Protective clothing of any kind is not necessary. Therefore the eco friendly cleaning equipment Tornado ACS is the perfect alternative to conventional sand blasting machines. Also dry-ice blasting and high pressure washers cannot be compared to this unique cleaning machine.

The Tornado ACS system in 4 different versions

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Tornado ACS Top-System

Tornado ACS Premium-System

Tornado ACS Elite-System

Tornado ACS Elite Plus-System

innovative cleaning technology - no highpressure - no chemical - exclusively at systeco

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graffiti removal

With the Tornado ACS cleaning technology, graffiti can be easily removed from almost all surfaces. This method is environmentally friendly and gentle. The Tornado ACS is the perfect cleaning machine for all mineral surfaces. The cleaning machine is the ideal alternative to a high pressure cleaner and dry ice blasting. Learn more about graffiti removal.

Facade cleaning 

With the eco friendly cleaning technology of systeco, complete facades can be perfectly cleaned. In contrast to pressure washers and dry ice blasting the Tornado ACS enables the cleaning procedure to take place during public business and without any protective clothing. With this machine the facade cleaning succeeds without to harm the surface.
Find out more about facade cleaning.

Efflorescence removal

The eco friendly cleaning technology Tornado ACS is particularly succesful with efflorescence removal from brick. Hereby the saltpetre is removed from brickwork through granules and not pushed back in into the material as known from pressure washers.
Find out more about efflorescence removal.

Floor cleaning

The cleaning technology Tornado ACS is very helpful for the cleaning of floor surfaces . Especially persistant and complicated pollutions, as rust, limestone, saltpetre and paint can be removed eco friendly and residue-free. Find out more about floor cleaning.

Stair restoration

The innovative cleaning techology of systeco is well suited for the special requirements of stair cleaning. During the cleaning procedure, the stairs still have to be accessible, therefore it is of great advantage that the Tornado ACS is not a pressure washer. Due to the closed circulation of the cleaning technology there is no loss of blasting material, which enables to work dust-free. Find out more about stair restoration.

Tile cleaning at thermal bath

The non-slip tiles of swimming pools and thermal baths are especially challenging when cleaning the grouts. Due to the rough and uneven surface of the security tiles they are very likely to pollute. With systeco cleaning technology, pollutes can be removed environmentally friendly. Not being forced to close the baths while the process of cleaning takes place is also a great advantage. Find out more about tile cleaning.

Lacquer removal on boats

Boats have to be cleaned and removed off lacquer continuously on the bottom side before repainting them. The conventional method is either to emerize or sandblast the hull. With cleaning technology Tornado ACS, the boat can be freed of lacquer right on his trailer and without polluting or strain the environment. The supposed-to-be-cleaned area on the boat can be easily secured. Find out more about lacquer removal.

Fire damage restoration

After a fire the walls of an interior area has to be completely cleaned. Common means, such as pressure washers and dry ice blasting with no closed circulation cannot provide that. The systeco cleaning technology can meet this demand. With its closed circulation the Tornado ACS cleans the walls without polluting the environment and keeps the removed grime inside of the machine.
Find out more about fire damage restoration.

Building restoration

The requirements of listed facades, when it comes to cleaning them, are especially high, because substances of the facades are definitely not to be harmed. With the innovative cleaning technology Tornado ACS the surface of facades are gently cleaned and not damaged.
Find out more about listed facade cleaning.

Special cleaning

Special cleaningrefers special cases in the cleaning. Whenever conventional methods fail, the vacuum blast method of systeco is used. For this you can find many examples on these pages. The clenaing machine Tornado ACS is the perfect alternative to pressurer washers, especially then, when open blasting is not possible during the usage.
Find out more about special cleaning.

Photo granite engraving

The patented vacuum blasting method from cleaning techology Tornado ACS, is the perfect solution to engrave photos and QR codes on natural stone. The sensitive foils are not damaged with this soft blasting method. The photos and QR codes can be applied directly on the stone in the workshop or on site. Because of the closed cycle of the vacuum blasting method no contaminations develop.
Find out more about photo granite engraving.

Anti-graffiti network

The systeco Vertriebs GmbH is a member of the anti-graffiti cooperation network . The anti-graffiti cooperation network comes to new solutions for graffiti removal of all kinds.

systeco at international trade fairs

For many years, systeco GmbH has been directly represented at the important trade fairs with its Tornado ACS cleaning machines. At the CMS in Berlin, the ISSA in Amsterdam and the ISSA in Las Vegas, we have been presenting the latest developments in our vacuum blasting technology for many years. At many other trade fairs we are represented by our trade partners.

To demonstrate our surface-friendly working method, we show how to remove nail polish from fingernails without damaging the hand. A highlight at every trade fair.