Staircase renovation of stone stairs with systeco

It's an enormous effort, to renovate staircases out of stone, granite or terrazzo with conventional means. When grinding the stairs, a strong formation of dust develops, so the stairwell have to be closed either partially or even completely. In many cases, public business has to be restricted while renovating the staircases. But there is another way...

Staircase renovation of stone stairs with cleaning machines of systeco without dust development

With the cleaning technology Tornado ACS of systeco, the staircase renovation of stone stairs can be realized without all the inconvenient side effects. Systeco's cleaning machines work completely dust-free and moreover, they have a low noise level. That means, during the renovation work the staircase can stay open for public and the usual basic cleaning of the stairwell afterwards omits.

Thanks to the innovative vacuum blast method, all types of impurities are removed layer by layer from the stairs and then disappear immediately in the filter system of the cleaning machine. Environment and atmosphere remain totally clean, residents and visitors won't be disturbed.

Even decades old floor polish, which is collected in fissures and rills, but also rust and limestone can be removed from stone stairs with the cleaning machine Tornado ACS. Great physical effort or special safety measures are not required.

Convince yourself of the advantages of systeco´s cleaning technology for staircase renovation of stone stairs. The renovation of stone stairs has never been that easy!