Filter cleaning aid for the Tornado ACS

Cleaning the filter

The filter cleaning aid is an accessory that has been included in all Tornado ACS packages from the Top system onwards since 2022.

When cleaning the filter, it is important that no dirt gets into the inner area of the filter. This has proven difficult in some cases in the past. 

To change this, we have developed a simple filter cleaning aid, which can be used to completely close off the inside of the filter.


To clean the filter, separate the upper container with the head part and take it down. Then lay the container on its side and loosen the wing nut on the lower side of the filter. Then carefully remove the drip tray and pull out the filter.

Now place the drip tray on the threaded rod of the cleaning aid. The filter is then placed with the rubber seal facing downwards on the drip tray and the threaded rod. The filter is tightened slightly with the wing nut.

Now the inside of the filter is completely protected. Cleaning can begin. Either tap it out in a bin liner, vacuum it out or wash it out. When washing out, make sure that the filter is dry again before inserting it into the machine.

Once the cleaning process is complete, loosen the wing nut and remove the filter from the collection tray. The filter is then reinserted into the immersion tube and the collecting tray is attached to it with the wing nut.

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