Accessories and wear parts for special cleaning machines

There are various accessories and wear parts for the special cleaning machines Tornado ACS. The most important are listed and explained here. In the system packs a big part of accessories and wear parts is already included.

Wear parts of special cleaning machines

glass panes

The glass panes for the jet cap turn blind depending on the use of time and have to be replaced. We supply the glass panes at 15 pieces per pack.



The footseals are made of sponge rubber and are attached with velcro on to the jet cap. Depending on the application and surface the sponge rubber lasts about 80 operating hours. We also deliver the footseals separately. For the standard jet cap SH01 these are also offered in a set of 4 pieces.


jet lance SH01

The jet lance belongs to the standard equipment of the special cleaning machines Tornado ACS. Depending on the application the jet lance has a life time of 300 - 500 operating hours. The Premium System already includes a second jet lance.

Filter 806 polyester

The filter is not a wear part. It can be cleaned dry after 3-4 hours and can then be further used. A second filter to change is included in the Premium- and Elite-system. All further information on filters please refer to the data sheet.

Filter HEPA H14

The HEPA filter is a special filter which is used for fire damage and mold removal. This filter is not included in any of the Tornado systems as standard and must be purchased as required. Further information on the filter can be found in the data sheet.

Service-Set K2

The service-set includes all small parts that are easily lost in our experience. Of course you can also order all parts of the special cleaning machines Tornado ACS seperately. For the daily work this service-set is a great advantage. The service-set is included in the Premium- and Elite-system.

Photo book Tornado ACS

The photo book contains all possible applications of the Tornado ACS system. It is very suitable for on-site presentation. From (Top) the photo book is included with all Tornado systems.

Inner- and Outer corner

The adapters to work on inner and outer corners are included in all Tornado systems. These adapters are attached to the standard jet cap SH01 with brackets.

In- and Outside roundings

The adapters of inside and outside roundings are only included in the Elite system. These adapters are placed on the standard hood SH01 with the brackets, in order to process roundings of different sizes.

Cross corner

The cross corner is usually needed when working indoors. This adapter is needed if you want to work on a three dimensional corner. The Elite and Premium system already includes the cross corner.

Jet caps

jet cap SH01 170 x 170 mm standard

Jet cap SH01 is standard for the special cleaning machines Tornado ACS . It is always supplied with a footseal ( sponge rubber). The adpaters for inner-, outer- and cross corners are fitting the standard jet cap.



jet cap SH02 230 x 260 mm XXL

Jet cap SH02 covers alarger area. You can work faster with this jet cap, but therefore it is heavier and bulkier. This jet cap SH02 is not included in any of the three systems packs.



jet cap SH03 170 x 100 mm small

Jet cap SH03 was specially developed for small areas. For example park benches with relatively large bar spaces can be cleaned with it. The small jet cap is very handy, but therefore the face capacity is lower. The jet cap SH03 is included in the Elite system.


The gasket belongs to the basic equipment. It can be used for larger bumps, edges, curves and irregularities. With the gasket surface irregularities can be retained.

Bounce sheet

The bounce sheet is a tool, with its help for example steel fences up to a thickness of 3 cm can be worked on. Thereto the bounce sheet is placed from behind against the jet cap. With the bounce sheet you can change the jet cap into a small jet cabin. That way small parts upto 12 cm length can be blasted. The bounce sheet is included in the Elite and Premium-system.


Hose package

The hose package consists of suction and a suction hose with a connecting cable for lighting in the jet hood. The hoses are designed to be electrically conductive, thereby preventing static electricity during blasting. The hose assembly has a total length of 4.5 m. With the appropriate adapters, it can also be used as an extension.


Top-Box for Tornado ACS Top-System

The small, handy Top-Box is made to fit all accessories of the Tornado ACS Top-System. The hose package, the jet hood and all accessories fit comfortably into it. The Top-Box is not suitable for the larger systems, as the many additional and wearing parts no longer fit into the box.

Premium-Box for Tornado ACS Premium-System

The Premium Box is slightly larger than the Top Box so that all accessories and wearing parts fit comfortably into it. The Premium Box can be easily moved on the integrated wheels with a single movement of the hand. The Premium Box is part of the Tornado ACS Premium System, but can also be purchased separately or in exchange.

Elite-Box for Elite- and Elite-Plus-System

The Elite-Box is the largest transport box. It has a very robust design and, like the Premium Box, can be pulled comfortably on its own wheels at the touch of a button. The 3 drawers of the box fit all the extensive accessories of the Elite and Elite Plus system. This box can also be purchased separately or in exchange.