Tile cleaning with Tornado ACS

The tile cleaning machine Tornado ACS is perfect for cleaning tile, concrete, and stone floors, as well as grouts and leaves them as if they were new. Even the joints look like time didn't pass. Limescale, rust and other debris are no problem either.

The obvious advantage that offers this technology is that it avoids pollution since it uses neither water nor chemicals. Besides, the closed system allows the use of the cleaning machine Tornado ACS in public business without barriers and safety measures and the operation is easy to learn, therefore there is no need for specialized staff. This environmentally friendly method that uses regrowing raw materials such as walnut shells even works 100 % CO2-neutral.

The procedure is easy to learn, particularly specialized personnel is not necessary for use. Take a look at the diverse applications.

Hospital Cleaning

In hospitals, especially in surgery rooms specific regulations apply when it comes to surface cleaning.

With the closed circulation system of the cleaning equipment, Tornado ACS, granules and removed pollutions are kept inside the machine, allowing an optimum cleaning performance. Consequentially, there is no need for covering or protecting the delicate machinery in the OR. 

Applying pressure washers or dry ice blasting technology would be impossible on this kind of occasions. Thus, expensive and complicated disposal of the special residues is no longer needed when no water or chemicals are used because every residue caused by the Tornado ACS can be discarded in the domestic trashcan.

Concluding, the Tornado ACS cleaning technology is a perfect fit for such situations.