Nettoyage des carrelages et des sols avec le Tornado ACS

The tile cleaning machine Tornado ACS is perfect for cleaning floors. Lime, rust and other deposits are no longer a problem. Tiles, concrete and stone floors look like new after cleaning the floor with the Tornado ACS machine. Joints also regain their original shine. 

The biggest advantage of the vacuum sandblasting system is that it is environmentally friendly, as it does not use water or chemicals. The closed system allows the cleaning machine to be used in public places without barriers or safety measures. The operation can be mastered quickly and does not require skilled personnel.

The possible applications of the environmentally friendly systeco cleaning technology are very diverse. You can find some of them here.

In hospitals, especially in surgery rooms specific regulations apply when it comes to surface cleaning. With the closed circulation system of the cleaning equipment, Tornado ACS, granules and removed pollutions are kept inside the machine, allowing an optimum cleaning performance.

Applying pressure washers or dry ice blasting technology would be impossible on this kind of occasions. Thus, expensive and complicated disposal of the special residues is no longer needed when no water or chemicals are used because every residue caused by the Tornado ACS can be discarded in the domestic trashcan. Concluding, the Tornado ACS cleaning technology is a perfect fit for such situations.

Questions on floor cleaning

Can floor cleaning be gentle and sustainable?

Cleaning work must be carried out continuously in all public buildings. Due to the increasing contracting of building cleaning companies (external cleaning), the focus is no longer on the procurement of cleaning agents, but on the consideration of environmental protection requirements in the tenders and in the contract design itself. A legal framework for the admissibility of environment-related tender criteria is provided by the Act against Restraints of Competition (GWB). Pursuant to Section 97 (4) GWB, public contracting authorities now have the option of specifying environmental criteria for the execution of the contract. Chemical agents may only be used to a very limited extent. The vacuum blasting technology from systeco fulfils all environmental requirements and can therefore be used in all areas.

Can the floor be cleaned during operation?

Cleaning work during ongoing business and production operations or in the public transport sector always turns out to be very complex, as certain areas have to be cordoned off and necessary occupational health and safety measures have to be taken. Our negative pressure blasting method is a very eco-friendly and effective method for these areas of application. The closed circuit of the blasting system makes it possible to work without protective clothing in almost any environment, even in hospitals in the operating theatre. All substances are collected in the machine's fine dust filter and disposed of in an eco-friendly manner after the work process is completed. The unique minimal-abrasive vacuum blasting technology is not comparable to any other blasting method. Our cleaning device can be used in public without any problems and without barriers - cleaning is done without high pressure, without water and without chemicals.

Does floor cleaning work without chemicals and water?

Most people say "no". We say "yes". The vacuum jet system is perfect for cleaning floors. Limescale, rust and other deposits are no problem. The main advantage of the vacuum blasting system is the environmentally friendly cleaning without water and without chemicals. The closed system allows the cleaning machine to be used in public areas without barriers and safety measures. It is easy to learn how to operate the machine, and special skilled personnel are not required for its use. The environmentally friendly vacuum blasting technology enables sustainable cleaning. By using renewable raw materials, such as nutshell, we are 100 % CO2 neutral.

What is the difference between floor cleaning and floor remediation?

Floor cleaning refers to cleaning at periodic intervals or sometimes daily of sanitary facilities, kitchens, furniture, windows and interiors. Floor renovation includes all cleaning work that cannot be solved by conventional means such as mopping and sweeping. This usually involves very intensive soiling that has developed over a very long period of time. The cleaning methods for this are grinding and blasting. Vacuum blasting is the most environmentally friendly and sustainable method.

environmentally friendly tile and floor friction

Cleaning tiles and floors in an environmentally friendly way is an important concern for many who are interested in a sustainable and climate-neutral cleaning solution. With systeco's patented vacuum blasting technology, this is possible. This innovative cleaning method completely dispenses with high pressure, water, and chemicals, making it particularly gentle on the environment and the surfaces to be cleaned.

Systeco's vacuum blasting technology is a closed cleaning method that works without the use of water or chemicals. Instead, a special granulate made of natural minerals is used, which is 100% biodegradable. The granulate is applied to the tiles or floors to be cleaned using a vacuum and is simultaneously suctioned off. This gently removes all dirt, crusts, and deposits without damaging or scratching the surfaces.

Systeco's vacuum blasting technology offers numerous advantages over conventional cleaning methods. Since it works without water and chemicals, it is particularly gentle on the environment and the surfaces. Additionally, it is extremely effective and can remove even stubborn dirt. Another significant advantage is that no protective measures are necessary, as no hazardous substances are used, there is no pressure in the whole system, and everything remains in a closed circuit.

Systeco's vacuum blasting cleaning technology is the ideal cleaning solution for anyone looking for an environmentally friendly and sustainable way to clean tiles and floors. With this innovative cleaning technology, you can clean your tiles and floors gently and effectively without burdening the environment. If you are interested in this environmentally friendly cleaning method, please contact us for more information and an individual consultation.