Granite floor cleaning

Natural stone floors are a great challenge when it comes to cleaning them. These get very dirty over the years. On the relatively rough surface, dirt particles adhere very fast. The granite floor cleaning was so far only possible with a high technical effort and spacious barriers.

Natural stone cleaning is very difficult. In a villa on Berlin's Wannsee beautiful granite slabs were laid. Over the years, the rainwater has caused rust deposits. All attempts failed to remove those rusty spots. Of course, cleaning the granite floor should also be as environmentally friendly and quiet as possible.

This job was perfectly done with the vacuum blast technology. Only the closed circuit could guarantee, that no granulates and dirt can get to the outside. What was used was the blast media jet glass SG 150. The granite slabs were completely cleaned from dirt and rust, as you can see on the photos on the right-hand side.

On the even surface, the jet hood simply adheres on to it and creates a vacuum, which starts the blasting process. The grouts in between the granite slabs do not disturb. For the treatment of the granite stairs the corresponding adapters are needed. These are simply placed on the jet hood and just as easy removed again. As standard equipment there is an outside corner, inside corner and a cross corner (for 3-dimensional corners). Just like that, the side slabs are processed. With the cleaning machine of systeco you get very good and permanent results.

Surface gentle granite floor cleaning

With cleaning machine Tornado ACS of systeco the granite surface is neither damaged nor does it pollute the environment. The unique vacuum blast method cleans every granite slab totally without high pressure, water and chemicals. Due to the negative pressure blast method, impurities are removed without damaging the surface.

The work can be done by anyone, the operation is easy to learn and safety measures are not necessary. All that is needed is a normal power supply.

Advanced cleaning technology

You can get the patented cleaning technology Tornado ACS exclusively at systeco. The advanced cleaning machine works in a unique revolutionary vacuum blast method without high pressure, water and chemicals. The minimally-abrasive technology enables an eco-friendly cleaning, repainting and decoating of surfaces. The use indoors, and in particularly hazardous areas, is easily possible with this innovative cleaning technology. Special health and safety measures are not required.

On our website you will find many other applications for the vacuum blast method. This technology is very versatile. Have a look on our website or contact one of our trade partner.