Slip resistance granite stairs

Once it happened, the anger is big. If someone slips on granite- or marble stairs, it can cause major damage. Then every homeowner will meditate on how the staircase can be defused. Specialized companies can make stone slip safely through laser treatment . Very often the chemical method is used as well. Here the natural stone is treated with various chemical compounds, like e.g. fluoric acid and that way blunted.Both methods are very expensive and can only be carried out by professionals.

Slip resistance with vacuum blast method

A much better possibility is the vacuum blast method of systeco. The blasting machine Tornado ACS slidestoppers can be installed in any size and shape. The surface is easy to bearbeitene abgeglebt only with commercial masking tape and off you go. Through the closed circuit of the vacuum beam system no Abbtrag and no blasting agent reaches the outside. The stairs must be unlocked for work and labor protection measures are not necessary.

The used blast media (korundum) can be reused in the circulation. The cost for equipment is therefore very low. All you need for the operation of the vacuum blast machine is a normal power supply of 230 V.

In the photos you can see a pattern area in which a 4 cm wide anti-slip resistance was applied. The blasting of this area takes max. 2 minutes.

Fragen zur Rutschhemmung auf Granit

Wie kann man Rutschhemmung einbauen?


Kann man Rutschhemmung nachträglich einbauen?

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Built-in slip resistance in granite

That´s how finished slip resistance in granite stairs looks like. And the good news is that they can also be applied later. With systeco's vacuum blasting process granite stairs become safe again.