Tornado ACS Elite Plus-System

Based on our many years of experience, we have put together various versions for our innovative cleaning system, which differ in terms of accessories and granulate as well as warranty. Of course, we can also put together individual Tornado ACS systems that are tailored exactly to your needs. In addition, we also offer a basic system as an additional purchase option.

The Tornado ACS Elite-Plus system is described in detail below.

climate-neutral cleaning machines Tornado ACS

The Elite Plus version of the Tornado ACS cleaning machine includes all parts of the Elite system. In addition, the package contains even more wear and additional parts as well as a total of 16 containers of abrasive and an 8-year warranty extension. With this carefree package you are completely secure.

Accessories and blasting media:

hose package with transport crate XXL, sealing plate
operating instructions, granulate application table and photo book
1 x jet lance S01 standard (20/15 x 550 mm)
1 x jet hood SH 01 (170 x 170 mm) standard with foot seal
1 x jet lance S02 short (20/15 x 450 mm)
3 x foot seal set (4 foot seals each)
3 x packs of replacement glass panes (á 15 pieces)
1 x adapter for cross corners*, 1 x adapter for inner corners*, 1 x adapter for outer corners*,
1 x adapter for external rounding*, 1 x for adapter internal rounding*.
14 granulate containers á 8 l (for approx. 600 sqm)
1 x NS 450, 4 x SG 150, 4 x SG 300, 3 x AS 180, 2 x AS 250 (free choice)
3 x filter cartridge, 1 x HEPA H14 filter, service set and baffle plate, filter cleaning aid,
extension cable 10 m
1 x jet hood small (170 x 100 mm) with foot seal plus 2 spare foot seals
1 x jet hood SH 02 XXL (260 x 230 mm), 2x XXL replacement foot seals
1 x jet lance SL 03 long (20/16 x 850 mm)

warranty extension to 8 years (excluding wear parts**)