Sustainable graffiti removal - eco-friendly and CO2-neutral

Graffiti removal becomes easy and quick with the patented cleaning technology Tornado ACS on clinker,natural stone, concrete, plaster, paint, tiles, plastic and different surfaces and materials.

Our green cleaning equipment is the ideal alternative to pressure washers or dry-ice blasting. The minimally abrasive operation protects the surface from being harmed. Because of the closed circuit there is no protective clothing required.

The patented dust free vacuum blast method allows a clean and eco-friendly graffiti removal since it uses regrowing raw materials such as walnut shells, which makes it 100% CO2-neutral. The cleaning unit is set up for use in just a few minutes. The expensive disposal of soiled cleaning materials is not necessary because the system operates without high pressure, water or chemicals.

Removing graffiti eco-friendly and gently from surfaces ...

Questions about graffiti removal

Why choos vacuum blasting to remove graffiti?

There are many options for graffiti removal such as wet-blasting, dry ice blasting, sand blasting, laser and vacuum blasting.
The first three procedures have been used for a long time but do no longer adapt to today's eco-friendly requirements because their residues need after treatment and special disposal. Nowadays, the disposal of such residues became very expensive.
The vacuum blasting method instead adapts perfectly to today's requirements since it is environmentally friendly, sustainable and CO2-neutral and of course there is no problem concerning the disposal of the residues.

Do I need protective clothing for graffiti removal?

For the graffiti removal with Tornado ACS protective clothing is not necessary. Due to the closed cycle and the vacuum no granules or particles are able to get to the outside. And the moment you separate the jet cap from the surface, the cycle gets interrupted and stops, as well as the blasting jet. That is why the danger to get hurt equals zero. Even while having the fingers under the jet nothing is going to happen. You can even remove nail varnish from fingernails without hurting them. This is something we always demonstrate on trade fairs.

What area performance can vacuum blasting achieve?

The vacuum blasting machine can cover from 3 - 5 sqm per hour. If there are several coats of graffiti on one spot it naturally consumes takes more time. The set up of the machine instead always goes quickly. Just in 5 minuts it is ready for use which makes it perfect, especially for removing small graffities. And its closed cycle keeps the environment safe by keeping all paint particles and dust inside the circuit. Systecos cleaning technology is therefore the best alternative to high pressure procedures and dry ice blasting.

Can I remove graffiti indoors?

The Tornado ACS is able to work even indoors since the closed cycle keeps all particles, granules and dust inside the circuit. With 75 Db the Tornado ACS is not louder than a domestic vacuum cleaner and therefore fitted for indoors. This way joints are cleaned in hotel bathrooms with the vacuum blasting method from systeco. In just a few hours the work is done and the bathroom looks like new.

Clinker facade cleaning under monumental protection

Graffiti removal on facades under monumental protection is especially tricky. This facade in Berlin, Charlottenburg, is under monumental protection and was daubed with graffiti. The authorities allowed the removal under strict conditions. The following methods were excluded, sand blasting and chemical resources. Finally, it was the vacuum blasting method that was used for the removal, and it showed splendid results.

Professional graffiti removal

Without a professional graffiti removal from facades and walls, most probably you wouldn't be able to recognize our cities today. To deal with this problem effectively, some things have changed, not only by law, also in the field of cleaning technology. Efficiency and Sustainability are two important aspects to consider. The cleaning technique Tornado ACS offers both components perfectly in one cleaning device.

Thanks to the patented and eco-friendly vacuum blast method in form of the Tornado ACS, graffities can be removed from facades effectively, residue-free and without polluting the environment. The simple operation of the cleaning machine turns the professional graffiti removal into an easy job, that can be done by any person without special knowledge.