Graffiti removal on concrete

Concrete is a very hard material. With coarse granulate (e.g. AS 250-500), here at  highway maintenance Glienke, graffiti removal on concrete can be done fast and efficiently. Due to the vacuum blasting method the surface won´t be damged. Here too, the Tornado ACS cleaning technique is the perfect alternative to a high-pressure cleaner and dry ice blasting.

Graffiti cleaning from concrete block

In Remsek Stuttgart these concrete blocks were removed quickly and eco friendly by the staff of Seitel Malerwerkstätte GmbH. Before starting the Tornado ACS with its unique vacuum blast technique, the wet concrete had to be dired with a hot air blower. In a very short time two out of eight graffitis were removed.

Concrete cleaning at a school in Erding

A small concrete wall at a school in Erding is smeared with many small graffitis. After a short briefing the janitor is able to clean the wall by himself. Playing kids are not in daner guring the working process. They can curiously watch how the graffiti disappears.

Graffiti removal on gravel concrete

Graffiti removal on gravel concrete is a special challenge. The uneven surface is hard to clean with common means. With the Tornado ACS cleaning machine, the irregularities can be worked on very well. Graffiti and dirt are completely removed.

The unique negative pressure jet technique enables clean and eco friendly working. The cleaning machine is set up and ready for use in a couple of minutes. The costly disposal of polluted cleaning detergents is not required, since it is cleaned without high pressure, water and chemicals.