Eco-friendly boat cleaning machine Tornado ACS

Boats must be cleaned regularly in the sub-area and stripped before a new coat. The conventional methods are grinding and sandblasting. With the cleaning machine Tornado ACS an environmentally friendly boat cleaning is possible on the trailer, without polluting the environment or load.

In this video, you can see impressively how fast and clean the color of the boat hull is being removed. Our customer in Rostock, the company SDS Sterne Deluxe has already used the Tornado ACS many times.

The to-be-cleaned area at the trunk can easily be fixed with the jet cap of the machine. Especially for small clubs this eco-friendly cleaning technology is very suitable. Through the closed circulation of the vacuum blasting system, lacquer particles and the used blasting material, granules, are kept inside. Since neither pressure nor water and chemicals are being used, there is no need for any protective clothes.

The eco-friendly boat cleaning machine is easy to handle and comfortable in transportation. The blasting medium is always used in a cycle (approx. 100 times). For the removal of lacquer rough granules, such as nutshell NS 450, jet glass SG 300 or Asilit AS 250-500 can be used.

Questions about boat cleaning

How to remove boat paint?

Normally, boat paint is removed from the boat surface by sandblasting and grinding. This results in a lot of dirt and debris that has to be vacuumed up and disposed of as hazardous waste. With the vacuum blasting process, the residues are directly sucked back in. Thanks to the closed circuit of the cleaning machine, the work is environmentally friendly and efficient.

Why vacuum blasting for boat paint stripping

Vacuum blasting is an excellent way to remove paint from a boat hull or the non-slip upper deck without destroying the substrate. To increase the performance, a SPEED adapter has been available since January 2022, with which the area performance can be increased 3-fold. Despite the supply of compressed air, the performance characteristics of vacuum blasting are retained.

What area performance can be achieved with vacuum blasting?

During boat paint stripping, several layers of paint are removed. Depending on the nature of the paint layers and how many paint layers are on top of each other, the vacuum blasting machine from systeco achieves an area performance of approx. 0.5 - 1.5 sqm/hour. If the SPEED adapter is used, the area output increases to 1.5 - 4.5 sqm/h.

Is vacuum blasting also suitable for large ships?

The Tornado ACS is mainly used in small shipyards. On large ships, the vacuum blasting process is primarily used in the interior to remove minor dirt or rust. Working in the interior is possible without any problems, since with vacuum blasting no dirt or debris penetrates to the outside.

Two examples of eco-friendly boat cleaning

The members of boating and sailing clubs must regularly clean their boats and remove paint from the lower hull. As a rule, this work is done on the trailer and green field. The environment should not be affected in the process. With the vacuum blasting method, the boat hull can be processed quickly and in an environmentally friendly manner. It is not necessary to mask the surface that is not to be stripped. The blasting hood can be used to precisely fix the surface to be processed.

Bootsentlackung auf dem Trailer

A trailer of a boat is cleaned with eco-friendly cleaning machine Tornado ACS without polluting the environment.

The areas to be stripped on the hull, can be fixed well.
This innovative cleaning technology is perfectly suited,
especially, for smaller clubs. Because of the closed
circuit all paint residues and granulate remain inside
the cleaning machine.

Der Tornado ACS is the perfect alternative to a pressure washer or dry ice blasting

Boat cleaning in Lauterbach

The boat hull also had to be freed from old paint and dirt. The conventional grinding causes a lot of dust, which flies in the area and results very tiring in the long run.

Cleaning with cleaning machine Tornado ACS makes working by hand very easy. The closed circuit of the system absorbs the entire removal. Working over head is also very good with the jet hood.