Efflorescence removal

Efflorescence removal works particularly well on brick with the eco-friendly cleaning equipment Tornado ACS. The efflorescence removal from the masonry is done by using granule and therefore will not be pushed back into the brickwork as pressure washers would do.

The work can be done by anyone, which means special skills are not required. The closed circuit of the cleaning machine allows dust-free working without protective clothing of any kind and within public traffic.

Also, lime deposits can be removed well with the minimally abrasive cleaning technology, even if the deposits are quite dense.

frequently asked questions about removing saltpetre

What can be done against saltpetre efflorescence?

There are a few possibilities. You can dissolve the salt efflorescence or remove it. When dissolving the salt efflorescence, there is always the danger that the dissolved substances will penetrate the masonry or the stone again. It is better to remove the salt efflorescence.

With the vacuum blasting method from systeco, this can be done easily and in a very environmentally friendly way. The efflorescence is completely removed from the surface. Saltpetre can also be easily removed from natural stone with vacuum blasting.

Which method is suitable for removing saltpetre?

There are many ways to remove saltpetre. You can do it with chemicals and a cloth or brush, which is very time-consuming and not very eco-friendly. Furthermore, saltpetre can be removed with high pressure and water, whereby a large part of saltpetre is pressed back into the stone, which does not make sense and very quickly leads to new saltpetre efflorescence. A third possibility is sandblasting, whereby a large area must be cordoned off. This method is not recommended for sensitive surfaces.

The fourth option would be vacuum blasting from systeco. The saltpetre is completely removed from the surface without leaving any damage. Since everything remains in a closed cycle, there is also no disposal problem. Vacuum blasting is very eco-friendly and easy to handle.

Can saltpetre be removed without chemicals?

Yes, you can. Vacuum blasting technology from systeco is the best option for this. The saltpetre is completely removed. Neither protective clothing nor barriers are needed. No chemicals are used in vacuum blasting and no hazardous waste is produced.

How dangerous is saltpetre in masonry?

In general, saltpetre in its pure form is not classified as dangerous. Saltpetre does not spread through the air, does not release anything into the environment, behaves in a completely odourless way and has nothing to do with mould or dry rot, as is unfortunately too often wrongly propagated.

However, saltpetre does not flourish without reason. Because it is an oxidative organic substance that reacts with the lime in the masonry, it is clear that the influence must come from the soil surrounding the masonry.

Efflorescence removal on brick

Efflorescence removal on brick without any problems. Both brick and grouts are perfectly clean after working with the Tornado ACS cleaning machine. The entire removal remains in a closed circuit and is only disposed when the filter is cleaned.

The masonry is freed from efflorescence. With a high pressure cleaner, efflorescence is pushed back into the masonry and appears again after a short time, so the cleaning machine Tornado ACS is the perfect alternative.

Efflorescence removal on natural stone

Efflorescence removal on natural stone works very well. It is being removed completely. The filter had to be cleaned after approx. 3 - 4 hours of work. The systems' capacity is, depending on the thickness of the saltpeter layer, 1 - 3 qm/h.

The work can start without preparation. After connecting the machine to the power, the system is immediately ready for use. You don't have to delimit the working area and you don't have to comply with any special safety precautions.

Limescale removal

Limescales, such as here on water works, can be removed very easily and quickly with the innovative cleaning machine Tornado ACS. Even if the accumulations are 5 mm thick, it is no problem for the green cleaning equipment Tornado ACS to clean them.

No barriers or special protective measures are required during this lime removal. The cleaning can also be carried out directly in public traffic. The perfect vacuum jet method for environmentally friendly and CO2-neutral cleaning.

Removing saltpetre in an environmentally friendly way

Efflorescence on brickwork is a common problem in older buildings that not only looks unsightly, but can also severely damage the building structure. Conventional methods of removing efflorescence on brickwork often require the use of high-pressure cleaners, chemicals, and water, which can be expensive and environmentally damaging.

An eco-friendly alternative for removing efflorescence on brickwork is offered by systeco's vacuum blasting technology using the Tornado ACS cleaning machine. This patented cleaning method requires no high pressure, chemicals, or water, making it environmentally friendly and CO2-neutral.

Systeco's vacuum blasting technology uses special granulates that are blasted onto the affected surfaces using a vacuum. These granulates gently remove the efflorescence from the brickwork surface and are then sucked up by the vacuum. The process is fast, effective, and leaves no harmful residues.

Another advantage of this method is that it is suitable for sensitive surfaces such as brickwork and does not cause any damage. Additionally, systeco's patented vacuum blasting technology is very precise and can reach even hard-to-access areas to ensure thorough removal of efflorescence.

Overall, systeco's vacuum blasting technology offers an eco-friendly, effective, and cost-efficient solution for removing efflorescence on brickwork. It enables gentle cleaning without the use of high-pressure cleaners, chemicals, or water and can help reduce environmental pollution and health risks for workers and residents.

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With the environmentally friendly vacuum blasting technology from systeco you can not only remove saltpeter. The application possibilities of the Tornado ACS system are very diverse.