Removal of floor markings

The removal of floor markings with the environmentally friendly Tornado ACS cleaning machine is possible on various substrates. The paint marking is completely removed from the floor. During the use of the cleaning machine, the entire removal and the granulate remains in the closed circuit. Nothing penetrates to the outside. Work processes do not have to be interrupted and sensitive machines and equipment are not damaged.  

Rubberized coatings and foils cannot be removed with the vacuum blasting process.


Floor markings removed from metal floor

In this example, the removal of floor markings occurred on non-slip metal while the production process was not to be disturbed. This is only possible with the vacuum blast method of systeco. The surroundings of the floor markings were left untouched, while the areas of interest were decoated. The paint removal work can be carried out by the own staff or external service providers. Due to the closed circuit, dirt and granules remain in the system and represent no danger.

Marking removal on concrete

On concrete flooring, the marking removal goes normally well. It always depends on the condition of the paint and the base coat. If the paint is applied very thick and soft, one can increase the rate of removal by icing the color. The great advantage of vacuum blasting is, that no barriers are necessary, and no pollutants endanger the environment. The ongoing production must not be interrupted, since it would mean to make losses.
Also, the cleaning machine Tornado ACS is suited for floor cleaning and preparing it for new color markings. The blast method roughens up the floor, on which then the markings can last longer.

The vacuum blast method is also suitable for many other special jobs. Whenever it comes to work in public or in an ongoing production process without producing external contamination, cleaning machine Tornado ACS is the first choice with its vacuum blast technology.

Remove floor markings sustainably

Floor markings can pose a challenge when it comes to removal, especially when traditional methods such as high-pressure cleaning or chemical cleaning agents are used. However, these methods can be environmentally harmful and pose health risks. A sustainable alternative is offered by systeco's patented vacuum blasting technology with the Tornado ACS. By using special granules that are gently pulled onto the surface, floor markings can be effectively and environmentally friendly removed. The method is gentle and leaves no residue that needs to be disposed of. In addition, systeco's vacuum blasting technology can also be used on delicate surfaces without causing damage. With this innovative and sustainable method, floor markings can be removed quickly and efficiently without compromising the environment or the health of workers and residents. Contact systeco to learn how we can help you remove floor markings in an environmentally friendly way.

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