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On this page you will learn all about the company news of systeco and the vacuum blast method. Take a look at developments, trade shows, events and new applications.

The advanced cleaning machine works according to a unique revolutionary vacuum blasting method without high pressure, without water and without chemicals.

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Trade show info 2024
national - international

SachsenClean                           25.04. 2024
Interclean Amsterdam    14. - 17.05.2024
Stone+tec Nürnberg        19. - 22.06.2024
Denkmal Leipzig               07. - 09.11.2024

we are represented with a stand at all those trade shows

New trading partner for the vacuum blasting system in Bangkok

That sounds like an exciting development in May 2023! The launch of the Tornado ACS in Bangkok, represented by Decisive Technology Products C., Ltd., was a great success. The demonstration of the vacuum blasting process in front of the Mayor of Bangkok was excellent and has evidently generated a lot of interest from other companies.

The Tornado ACS's vacuum blasting process has received positive feedback and has the potential to be used in various industries and applications. The interest from other companies indicates that there is a demand for this technology and it is considered an effective solution.

It is impressive to see how Decisive Technology Products C., Ltd. has launched with full steam and has already achieved so much success. This suggests that the company has a strong market entry strategy for the Tornado ACS in Thailand.

It remains to be seen how the Tornado ACS and the collaboration with Decisive Technology Products C., Ltd. will continue to evolve in Thailand. However, it is evident that the launch in Bangkok was a resounding success and holds a promising future for the vacuum blasting process in Thailand and possibly beyond.

The new Speed-Adapter for the Tornado ACS

Recently, we have been approached with the request for a more powerful vacuum blasting machine for boat paint removal and floor marking removal.  In these areas, the area performance of the Tornado ACS vacuum blasting process is not sufficient. Since the electrical power of our mobile blasting unit is limited to 3,500 W, the power can no longer be increased by vacuum blasting alone.

We have therefore developed a Speed-Adapter with which the area output of the vacuum blasting system can be increased threefold by supplying compressed air. For this purpose, the Speed Adapter is inserted between the blasting lance and the hose. The addition of compressed air can be controlled by foot switch. The further acceleration of the granulate in the blasting lance results in a two to three times higher area output without affecting the vacuum blasting process. The granulate consumption is only slightly increased.

Compressed air is absolutely necessary for the use of the Speed-Adapter. In the above-mentioned areas, compressed air is usually available; in other cases, a compressor with the appropriate power is required.

Denkmal Leipzig 2022

After a long break, the systeco team was back on trade show duty. For the first time we took part at the trade show "Denkmal 2022" in Leipzig. Environmentally friendly and climate-neutral cleaning technology is also increasingly in demand in the field of monument protection. Cleaning WITHOUT HIGH PRESSURE, WITHOUT WATER and WITHOUT CHEMICALS is becoming more and more important. With our unique patented vacuum blasting process has inspired the national and international interested parties.

Middle East Cleaning Technology Week - Dubai 2019

In 2019 we were again represented at the Middle East Cleaning Technology Week. This time at the joint German stand. There were many interested parties from the Arabian region who were interested in environmentally friendly cleaning technology.
Directly at the fair we were able to win a new trading partner for Saudi Arabia. We assume that there will be many more deals to be concluded after the fair.

CMS Berlin 2019

The systeco team was again present at the CMS 2019 in Berlin and again it was a great success. Environmentally friendly cleaning technology is more and more in demand. This time we were able to demonstrate the Tornado ACS both indoors and outdoors. Cleaning WITH NO PRESSURE, NO WATER, NO CHEMICALS with our unique patented. Vacuum blasting process has inspired national and international interested parties.

As a special show effect, fingernails were stripped of paint.
In this way, it was possible to see very clearly that one can work with the Tornado without any worries at all.

Stripping fingernails

ISSA Istanbul 2019

In 2019 systeco starts with a trading partner in Turkey. At the beginning the systeco team had a booth at the ISSA Istanbul 2019. The interest was very high. Environmentally friendly and sustainable cleaning technology is now in demand worldwide. Accordingly, we had a very large response at the trade fair. Many national and international visitors were particularly interested in our unique revolutionary vacuum blasting method 
without high pressure, without water and without chemicals.

Middle East CLEANING Technology Week - Dubai 2018

The systeco team was represented for the first time at the Middle East CLEANING Technology Week in Dubai and it was a complete success. Environmentally friendly cleaning is an important topic worldwide. Therefore many national and international visitors were interested in our unique revolutionary  vacuum blasting process without high pressure, water and chemicals.

ISSA Amsterdam 2018

The international cleaning trade fair ISSA from 15 May - 18 May, 2018 in the exhibition halls in Amsterdam was again a complete success. The increasing awareness for environmental protection and the extended environmental protection requirements in Germany, Europe and the world make the systeco vacuum blasting system more and more popular.

Saale-Orla-Show 2017

The Saale-Orla show Pößneck is the largest regional fair for building, living and beautiful life.  About 120 exhibitors presented  their products, trends, and services at the Saale-Orla show in Pößneck.  An attractive supporting program with stage shows and informative lectures round off the range of the Saale-Orla show in Pößneck.

The systeco team used the mobile exhibition vehicle "Moby Dick" for the first time. Florian Eberhardt and Gerd Sawall presented the Tornado ACS vacuum blasting system with its versatile applications.

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