Graffiti removal on brick

When working on brick of any kind, the cleaning equipment Tornado ACS gives reliable results and is environmentally friendly. Neither the stone nor the grout will be damaged while removing graffiti. That is why the cleaning machine Tornado ACS is the ideal alternative to a high-pressure cleaner and dry ice blasting.

With the machine you can reach an area coverage of 3-5 qm/h when having a graffiti removal on brick. In this case, fine blasting material is mainly used (asilit AS 90 or jet glass SG 150).

To remove graffiti with the graffiti remover Tornado ACS, no barriers and delimitations of the workspace, no protective clothing and no costly disposal are necessary. This is the perfect cleaning machine for graffiti removal on brick.

Questions about graffiti removal on clinker?

How to properly remove graffiti on clinker?

Without intensive graffiti removal on facades and other surfaces, our cities and communities would no longer be recognizable today. To effectively counteract this problem, not only the legislator, but also the cleaning industry has come up with quite a few ideas. There are many ways to clean but efficiency and environmental friendliness are two very important aspects to consider in this segment. The Tornado ACS cleaning system offers you these two components perfectly combined in one cleaning machine.

Will the joints between the clinkers also be clean

With conventional methods, this is quite difficult. Graffiti adheres poorly to a well-fired clinker brick. You can achieve good results with almost any method. Only the joint will not be clean. Vacuum blasting is different. The joint is perfectly cleaned by the minimally abrasive blasting process. The clinker wall and the joints look like new again.

The unique vacuum blasting technology enables clean and environmentally friendly work. By using renewable raw materials, such as nutshell, we are 100% CO2 neutral. The cleaning technology Tornado ACS is set up and ready for use in just a few minutes. The time-consuming disposal of soiled cleaning agents is no longer necessary. The paint on the wall is only broken and not dissolved, so the removal and the remaining granules are not hazardous waste and can be disposed of normally in household waste.

What makes graffiti removal so difficult?

When removing graffiti, the surface to be treated is particularly important. The more porous the surface, the more difficult it is to remove graffiti. Porous and unprotected substrates, such as many types of natural stone, as well as sandstone, travertine or limestone, are a challenge for any graffiti removal process.  The graffiti paint soaks deeply into the substrate through the many and usually deep pores. The surface can usually be cleaned well but the shadows remain. Such sensitive surfaces must be treated with graffiti protection if there is a latent danger of graffiti.

Can you remove graffiti on any clinker?

There are very different clinker. There are the hard burnt ones with a very smooth surface. There are porous or open-pored clinkers, also called Dutch clinker, and there is the so-called brick.

Basically, you can remove the graffiti on all types of clinker. With the very porous Dutch clinker, there is a risk that the paint will soak deep into the stone. Then the graffiti can no longer be removed without shadows. The most environmentally friendly way to remove graffiti is with the vacuum blasting system from systeco.   

Examples for graffiti removal on brick

Graffiti removal on clinker with vacuum blasting method

Removing graffiti from brick can be a difficult and time-consuming task, but with systeco Cleaning Technology's patented vacuum blasting process, it is possible to remove graffiti in an environmentally friendly, climate-neutral manner, without the use of high pressure, water, or chemicals.

The vacuum blasting process from systeco is a revolutionary method of cleaning surfaces that allows for gentle and effective removal of graffiti. It works by generating a vacuum that sucks the blasting medium from a reservoir and directs it in a controlled manner to the affected surface to gently remove the graffiti layer.

Unlike conventional high-pressure cleaners or chemical cleaning agents, systeco's vacuum blasting process is environmentally friendly and climate-neutral. It is a safe and effective method for cleaning brick surfaces without harming the environment. The vacuum blasting process from systeco is also gentle on the surface itself. It does not cause damage or wear to the brick surface, ensuring a longer lifespan of the surface.

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly, climate-neutral, and gentle method for removing graffiti from brick surfaces, contact systeco Cleaning Technology for more information about the vacuum blasting process.