Tornado ACS the high-pressure cleaner alternative

For cleaning dirty house facades, floors and tiled walls, the cleaning equipment Tornado ACS of systeco is the ideal high-pressure cleaner alternative.

With systeco´s cleaning technology even the most persistent impurities can be removed completely without high-pressure, water or chemicals. The cleaning machine Tornado ACS ist eays to operate and usable everywhere.

Vacuum blasting instead of high-pressure blasting

With the unique vacuum blasting process moisture is not pressed into the surface and no residues can get into the environment.

Due to the vacuum blasting with granules, dirt is removed layer by layer, from any building surface and caught in the filter system of the machine.

Even listed facades are cleaned absolutely surface gentle with the high-pressure cleaner alternative, without polluting the environment. Algae, moss, residues of fumes, efflorescence, dust, and even graffiti are no problem for the cleaning equipment of systeco.

The high-pressure cleaner alternative stands for safe working.

Working with cleaning technology Tornado ACS also means, that there are no special saftey measures necessary. For example, in the cleaning of facades on busy roads no barriers must be installed in enclosed spaces and no respirator is necessary.

If you are now curious about the high-pressure cleaner alternative of Systeco, then take  a look at our website.  Here you will find all information about the benefits and the many uses of our cleaning equipment.