Graffiti removal on natural stone

The graffiti removal on natural stone of various types can be done with the cleaning machine Tornado ACS which works reliably and environmentally friendly. There are very hard stones, such as granite on which you can use all the granules and there are very soft stones, such as sandstone or marble, on which you must work only with fine granules. In order to protect the surface from damage, the right granulate has to be used.

The cleaning equipment Tornado ACS is the ideal alternative to a high-pressure cleaner and  dry ice blasting for graffiti on natural stone. You reach an area coverage of 2-4 sqm / h. On bright natural stone jet glass SG 15 is used and on dark natural stones AS 180.

The use of chemicals is generally not recommended on natural stone. Chemical cleaners dissolve the paint so that it can penetrate deeper into the pores. What remains are shadows that are difficult to remove.

Graffiti removal on polished granite

Environmentally friendly graffiti removal on natural stone

Do you have unwanted graffiti on natural stone and are looking for an environmentally friendly solution to remove it? The patented vacuum blasting process from systeco cleaning technology offers an eco-friendly, climate-neutral, and gentle method for removing graffiti from natural stone.

Unlike conventional methods such as high-pressure cleaners or chemical cleaning agents, systeco's vacuum blasting process does not use water or chemicals and does not create high pressure. Instead, the blasting medium is sucked from a supply container using a vacuum and precisely directed onto the affected surface to gently remove the graffiti layer. This innovative method is not only environmentally friendly but also particularly gentle on the surface of the natural stone, as it does not cause any damage or wear.

With systeco cleaning technology's vacuum blasting process, you can effectively remove graffiti from natural stone without harming the environment. The process is climate-neutral and ensures a longer lifespan for the treated surface. So if you are looking for an eco-friendly solution for removing graffiti from natural stone, contact systeco cleaning technology for more information on the patented vacuum blasting process.