Clean floor tiles in an environmentally friendly way

When it comes to environmentally friendly and effective cleaning of floor tiles, systeco offers an innovative solution. With systeco's patented underpressure blasting technology, floor tiles can be cleaned without the use of high-pressure, water, or chemicals.

The underpressure blasting technology by systeco is an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional cleaning methods. A special mixture of granulates made from natural minerals, which is 100% biodegradable, is used. The granulate is applied to the tiles using underpressure and then vacuumed off. This gently removes dirt, lime, water stains, and other impurities from the surface without damaging the floor. Especially in listed buildings, cleaning heavily used floor tiles is a challenge. The deep joints of the floor tiles are completely freed from the impurities. The concrete stone can also be cleaned well. This environmentally friendly cleaning technology offers a sustainable and gentle renovation.

In contrast to conventional methods, which often use high-pressure cleaners and aggressive chemicals, systeco's underpressure blasting technology is particularly environmentally friendly and gentle on the tiles. It is also extremely effective in removing stubborn dirt and impurities and can be used in many different applications.

Systeco's patented underpressure blasting technology is the ideal solution for anyone looking for an environmentally friendly and gentle way to clean floor tiles. With this innovative cleaning technology, you can clean your floor tiles gently and without burdening the environment. If you are interested in systeco's cleaning technology, please contact us for further information and individual advice.

Removal of boiler scale

The decade old boiler scale on floor tile couldn't be removed with any conventional means. Since the Arminius market hall is a listed building, the use of means are limited. With the floor tile cleaning machines Tornado ACS the boiler scale could be removed in a very short time. The tile cleaning took place during public business of the hall.

Nettoyer le carrelage et les joints

Les magnifiques carrelages dans les bâtiments anciens ou dans les couloirs sont souvent très fréquentés et, par conséquent, ils s'encrassent avec le temps. La machine de nettoyage Tornado ACS offre une méthode fiable pour nettoyer les carrelages. Les avantages sont des sols propres dans la durée, sans haute pression, sans eau, sans chimie. Les encrassements profonds sont éliminés efficacement. Le procédé de sablage sous vide est si délicat que les joints sont nettoyés en même temps et ne subissent aucuns dommages.

Floor tile cleaning machines for rust and lime removal

Rust stains and limestone are stubborn stains on floor tiles. The floor tile cleaning machines Tornado ACS can remove the stains without damaging the floor tiles and grouts.

Nettoyage du carrelage dans un garage

Ici, le carrelage a été nettoyé dans un garage automobile de Porsche. Aucune barrière était nécessaire et recouvrir les équipements sensibles non plus. Pour en savoir plus sur le nettoyage du carrelage dans un garage automobile Porsche.