Machine to clean stone floors and natural stone

The Tornado ACS 300 from systeco is a perfect machine to clean stone floors. Due to the rough surface, dirt particles adhere quickly. So far, cleaning those floors was possible only with an extremely large technical effort and spacious barriers. With the green cleaning equipment of systeco fast and permanent results can be achieved.

In the following example, a sandstone floor of a building in Hamburg was cleaned during public business. The use of a high pressure cleaner or dry ice blasting was out of question.

Cleaning a sandstone floor

The sandstone floor of a restaurant in Hamburg was supposed to be cleaned dust free without contaminating so that no evacuation of the area was needed. This is made possible with the vacuum blasting method. 

Natural stone floor cleaning machines on travertine

In this example, a travertine floor of an entrance hall in Munich is cleaned. Here as well, the cleaning process took place during public business.