Cleaning brickwork with eco friendly cleaning technique

Brickstone, called brick or clinker, makes the house facade look nice and is also very resistant. Still, due to climate and environmental influences, brick gets darker with the time and the facades look unkempt. Thereto other diverse smearings called graffiti are coming up.

The question arises of which method is best to get a brick building facade clean again. Strong cleaning agents on acid base are certainly a possibility but there is also a much easier and more environmentally friendly way.

Cleaning brickwork eco friendly

Cleaning brickwork can be done trouble-free with cleaning technology Tornado ACS, without harming nature. Thanks to the unique revolutionary vacuum blast method, cleaning brickwork is very easy. Completely without residue and substances hazardous to water, because the principle is based on a permanent closed cycle.

At the same time the cleaning machine Tornado ACS is so powerful, that cleaning brickwork even with the most stubborn contaminations such as graffitis can be totally cleaned.

No matter if your house facade consists of peat brick, Greppiner brick or Münsterlaender brick, cleaning machine Tornado ACS can cope with the most coarse contaminations.

Working with cleaning technique Tornado ACS is as easy as anything and can be done without physical effort and special knowledge.

Find out more on our website of all possible uses of the cleaning machine Tornado ACS, which allows not only to cleaning brickwork.