Refurbish exposed concrete

Refurbish exposed concrete has to be done more often under environmentally friendly aspects. Exposed concrete facades are relatively resistant against pollutes. Still, weathering makes exposed concrete facades over time unsightly. That way moss and dirt covering is not seldom, but especially graffitis have to be removed increasingly.

Naturally if to refurbish exposed concrete, the common high pressure cleaning methods or dry ice blasting is used, the dirt is spread all over the place. But there is another way, systeco has developed an innovative cleaning technology, which can remove all types of dirt on facades of exposed concrete residues without causing an environmental burden.

The vacuum blast method of systeco

The vacuum blast method of systeco enables a completely eco friendly refurbish of exposed concrete, since this method neither rquires high pressure, water nor chemicals. Impurities are removed by means of granulate, which is accelerated by the vacuum to 400 km / h on the to be cleaned concrete surfaces.  All ablation residues remain in the closed circuit of the cleaning machine or are collected in the filter system. The environmentally friendly disposal can be carried out after the cleaning process is finished.

Refurbish exposed concrete was never that easy

Cleaning equipment of systeco is not only very ecofriendly but also has many advantages for facade refurbishing. These include a short learning period for the employee because the cleaning machines are easy to operate. A respirator and protective gloves are not required. When working on busy streets no more barriers are needed. The cleaning units are light, compact and can be used at all places where a normal power supply is available.

If you want to learn more about eco-friendly refurbishing of exposed concrete with systeco cleaning technology, see the following video, or contact directly one of our systeco trade partner nearby.