Gravel concrete cleaning with Tornado ACS of systeco

Gravel concrete slabs are vulnerable to dirt and moss due to their rough surface, making them not only unsightly, but also smooth and slippery. Graffiti adheres particularly well to aggregate concrete. For this reason, exposed aggregate concrete or gravel concrete should be cleaned from time to time.

For this you can either struggle with water and a brush, use a high pressure cleaner, which distributes the dirt in the area, or use the cleaning machines Tornado ACS of systeco right away.

Gravel concrete cleaning has never been easier than with systeco´s cleaning technology.

With the eco-friendly cleaning machines, Tornado ACS, gravel concrete cleaning can be done easily, without water consumption and without great physical effort. The cleaning equipment is light and compact, has a low noise level and are easy to use, you only need a normal power connection. With systeco´s cleaning machines any exposed aggregate concrete facade,-driveway,-stairs or -terrace look like new again.

Gravel concrete cleaning with Tornado ACS - Good for the environment

Try it yourself! No matter if moss, algae, saltpeter or fumes, even graffiti is removed layer by layer residue-free thanks to the revolutionary vacuum blast method.

In this case, all residues remain in the closed circuit of the cleaner and are not released into the environment. Similar to a vacuum cleaner, the disposal takes place after the cleaning process. Private homeowners and professional cleaning companies throughout Germany already rely on the cleaning technology of systeco which can do a lot more than gravel concrete cleaning. Find out yourself!