Innovative cleaning systems

Advanced cleaning technology - Made in Germany

systeco stands for effective and eco-friendly cleaning equipment. The company, based in Germany,  stands for solid quality of its long-live products.

Since 2003 we are the experts for difficult and persistant surface pollutes. With our patented vacuum blast method we have found an effective and eco-friendly and therefore future-oriented cleaning solution.

Simple handling, safe functioning as well as a high economic efficiency are the distinctive features of our technology. The compact cleaning machines are used worldwide in the most different areas from graffiti removal all the way to stair restoration. The eco-friendly cleaning equipment is easy to transport and therefore flexible in the application.

We have continually developed the procedures, to always find better solutions for eco-friendly cleaning.

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Vacuum blasting - the innovative cleaning system

The extreme cleaning effect during the dry vacuum blasting that is achieved by the removal of the dirt layer, is similar to a grinding process. Thereto systeco cleaning technology neither needs water nor detergents. All abaltion residues remain in the closed cycle of the machine and are collected in the filter system. Therefore it is not only gentle to the surface but also gentle to the environment.

systeco - tomorrows innovative cleaning systems

All you need for cleaning with the  innovative Tornado ACS cleaning systems, is just a normal power connection and the appropriate blast media (granulate). The choice of the right blast media depends at first, on which type of surface needs to be cleaned.

For natural stone, brick and concrete asilit and jet glass are suited the best, whereby on sensitive surfaces, such as polished granite or glazed tiles a special granulate made of nutshell is used.  An overall view about the different blast media and its application fields you can find here: blast media (granulate)

Convince yourself of the advantages of the innovative cleaning systems of systeco. Not only house facades and terrace floors can be cleaned, but also paint stripping, photo engravings can be created and fire damages restored.

Tornado ACS - the innovative cleaning system

Graffiti removal

With the innovative cleaning systems Tornado ACS graffiti on brick, natural stone, rough cast and coat of painb are fast and easily removed. The system is set up and ready for use in a few minutes. The costly disposal of contaminated cleaning agents does not apply because neither high pressure, water or chemical are used.

Facade cleaning

Rust, algae, moss and efflorescence look very unsightly over the years. With cleaning equipment Tornado ACS all pollutants are removed without residues. Due to the vacuum the jet cap keeps itself on the surface, which makes the work possible without great effort.

boat cleaning

Boat hulls must be cleaned regularly in the subarea and stripped before painting them. The conventional methods are grinding and sandblasting. With cleaning machine Tornado ACS an ecofriendly boat cleaning on a trailer is possible. The areas on the hull to be paintes can be fixed well. Especially for small boat clubs this cleaning technology is perfectly suited.

Photo engraving

The patented vacuum blast method of the Tornado ACS is also the perefct solution for engravings of portraits and QR-codes on granite. The sensitive blast foil won´t be damaged with the vacuum blast method . The photos and QR codes can be applied in the workshop or directly on site on the stone. Due to the closed cycle of the vacuum blast method no pollitants develop while creating the photo engraving on granite. A blast cabin is not needed any longer for this type of work.

Fire damage restoration

After a fire damage the walls of a house must be completely cleaned or replaced. With conventional blasting methods without closed circuits, as high pressure cleaners or dry ice blasting is hardly possible. With the Tornado ACS cleaning systems the surfaces are cleaned during fire damage restoration without the environmental burdening. Due to the closed cycle, soot remains in the cleaning device.