Sandstone facade cleaning -
thoroughly and gentle on surfaces!

Environmental and climatic conditions can darken a sandstone facade during the years. To return to the sandstone´s natural colour hue, a facade has to be cleaned from time to time.  Though can common possibilities like high pressure, water and chemical means attack the stone´s surface and are most of the time bad for the environment.

Sandstone facade cleaning
with cleaning technology Tornado ACS

The cleaning equipment Tornado ACS removes all impurities from a sandstone facade thoroughly and gentle. Wheather it´s residue from fumes, industrial fumes, dust, rust, graffiti, moss or algae, the cleaning machine Tornado ACS completely removes all of that without  damaging the sandstone´s surface. With the surface gentle vacuum blast method dirt is removed layer by layer and the facade looks like new again.

Eco-friendly cleaning machine
for sandstone facades

Sandstone facade cleaning with cleaning equipment Tornado ACS, neither chemicals, polluted water nor removed solutes develop. The unique cleaning technology works in a closed cycle which collects all residue in a  filter and nothing can penetrate to the outside. Only after a working process is finished the disposal takes place.

Sandstone facade cleaning can be done with green cleaning machine Tornado ACS problem-free and without special safety measures and prior knowledge in the field of facade cleaning.

Convince yourself of the qualities of the cleaning machine Tornado ACS. Sandstone facade cleaning is worth preserving!