Graffiti removal on sandstone

When it comes to graffiti removal on sandstone, conventional cleaning methods often fail. Because of its open-pored surface, sandstone is a material with a high capacity of water absorption. Spraypaint can therefore penetrate deeply into the surface. Basically said, the longer the graffiti remains on the sandstone and hardens, the more difficult it gets to remove it again.

Graffiti removal on sandstone, but how?

While pressure washer and dry ice cleaner can damage the sandstone facade very fast and not to mention the environmental impact it has because of using chemical detergents, graffiti can be easily removed with systeco´s cleaning equipment. The innovative cleaning technology systeco cleans not only gently the surface, but also works especially environmentally friendly.

Removing spray-paint
on sandstone very easily!

The cleaning equipment Tornado ACS of systeco removes graffiti trouble-free without physical effort and prior knowledge. The light and compact machine is low in noise and can be used anywhere where a normal power source exists.

For graffiti removal on sandstone you just have to put the jet hood on the polluted area with paint and move the jet lance evenly over that surface. You can watch the process via vision panels, through which you can observe how the spray-paint is removed layer by layer of the surface with the vacuum blast method.

Neither waste water nor hazardous waste develops, since all debris are caught in the closed filter system of the cleaning equipment and can be disposed after the working process.

These and many other benefits only offers the patented cleaning technology Systeco. See for yourself by contacting one of our trade partner.