Removing emulsion paint

If you want to remove emulsion paint from natural stone and other materials the most eco-friendly way, cleaning machine Tornado ACS with its unique  vacuum blast method, is the ideal solution.

Removing emulsion paint from chimney

A beautiful chimney in an even more beautiful living room was painted with white emulsion paint many years ago. Now the owner wanted to remove the paint from the chimney so that the stone can shine in its full beauty. The living room was filled with antique furniture, expensive carpets and a chandelier

The area was about 2 square meters and should be completely repainted without emptying the living room. Thereto the vacuum blast method of systeco is the best choice. The emulsion paint was completely removed


We put a sample, as seen in the photo and determined a time of 2 hours for the entire area, because the paint was applied very thick. During the trial work nothing had to be covered or removed what especially pleased the owners

The closed cycle of the vacuum blast system enables a complete dust-free work with cleaning machine Tornado ACS without blast media or paint removal entering the environment. The granules can be re-used in the cycle up to 100 times, which keeps the running cost very low.