Special applications

There are many special applications for the vacuum blast method. The advantage lies in the environmentally friendly and ecological operation of the jet system. The cleaning machine of systeco allows the use during the operation of production facilities. That's a big advantage over conventional blast systems.

Special surface cleaning

Cleaning work during running production is always very difficult. The options are very limited or associated with a great effort. The vacuum blast method is a very effective method for those applications. The closed cycle enables a work without protective clothing is almost every surrounding, even in a surgery room.

Special surface cleaning at SIEMENS

In a SIEMENS plant a large container must be cleaned diameter of about 5 m. The container consists of an approximately 8 mm thick sheet steel that is lined with wood. The timber layer is provided with a 1-5 mm strong 2K coating that has to be removed.
k had to be cleaned during running operation. The difficulty laid in the fact that the container was surrounded of numerous motors, pumps and open pipelines. Neither an open beams, still working with protective coating were possible here. Therefore, for this task was the cleaning machine Tornado ACS is the right choice. The closed circuit made it possible to work without the production process to interrupt.

With this vacuum blast technology many other jobs can be done successfully.

Rice mill Hamburg

Cleaning grinding stones in the shown rice mill was very difficult so far. In the rice mill there are 6 millstones arranged one on top of each other which are grinding the rice. After about 3 to 4 months the millstones are so clogged with abrasion that they are no longer operational. So far, the grinding stones were removed for cleaning, processed by a special company with high-pressure cleaning equipment and then reinstalled. The entire process of adjusting the millstones took about 24 hours. During this time it could not be produced.

With cleaning machine Tornado ACS grinding stones can be cleaned in built-in position in about 2 hours, which minimizes the non-productive time and the effort enormously. For this application a special adapter was produced, which fits exactly the radius of the millstones. Here, the stainless steel blast media with a very fine grain size is used. The cleaning machines of systeco are therefore the ideal alternative to pressure washers.

Vacuum blast method

The above mentioned cleaning of grinding stones in a built-in condition is only possible because the cleaning machine Tornado ACS works with the patented vacuum blast method. The closed cycle enables a dust-free work. The removal and the granules cannot enter the outside through the vacuum. The granulate consumption is very low, since the blast media is re-used in the closed cycle.

Bronze cleaner

There are many special cases in the surface cleaning and paint removal. Especially metallic surfaces are a major challenge, since blasting usually changes the surface structure. The choice of the abrasive has an important part.

Bronze cleaner on paint

In this particular case scratch work on a bronze fountain is removed with cleaning machine Tornado ACS without damaging the oxidation layer. For this one nutshell granulate is used. When using jet glass or aluminum silicate, the surface would turn to bare metal, which is not required in this case. 

With the nutshell granulate only the paint is removed. Moreover systeco cleaning machine works according to the vacuum blast method in a closed cycle, so that no dirt or abrasives can penetrate to the outside.


Rust removal from metal with vacuum blast method

Balcony railings, wrought iron railings and fences, as well as garden furniture and children's play equipment made of metal can be eaten literally rust. Should therefore visible defects, especially outdoors, are thoroughly de-rusted and protected with a new seal. Rusty surfaces must first be thoroughly cleaned from rust - either by brushing, grinding or blasting.

Brushing and grinding are processes that are very expensive. It is also recommended to wear protective clothing when carrying out the work.

The cleaning machine Tornado ACS is derusting steel beams or as shown in the photo derusting fences perfectly. To guarantee the negative pressure a bounce sheet has to be used. The blast media can be resued again in the cycle which keeps the accessories pretty low. Aluminum silicate AS 250 is here the right blast media.

The application possibilities of the vacuum blast method are various. On our website you can find many of those application fields. Our trade partners will advise you and demonstrate the vacuum blast method on site.