Removing paint from fibreglass boat

Removing paint from fibreglass boat with a cleaning machine of systeco means that neither grinding nor chemicals is used. We of systeco have developped a cleaning technology where removing paint from fibreglass boat is done without great physical effort and absolutely surface gentle.

Vacuum blasting removes paint from fibreglass boats without environmental burden

Thanks to the innovative and eco friendly vacuum blast method, the paint is removed layer by layer from the boat hull by means of granulate. Thereby the ablation residues remain in the closed cycle and can be easily disposed aftre the paint removal. No substances can penetrate the environment. During the operation you don´t even have to wear a respirator.

Removing paint from fibreglass boat
the easiest way

Removing paint from fibreglass boat is very easy with cleaning technology of systeco. The cleaning machine has to be equipped with the appropriate granulate and is ready to start. Thereto the jet hood is placed onto the fibreglass boat hull and is moved evenly over the surface. The process of paint removal can be observed via glass panes.

systeco cleaning machines are ideally suited for boat houses and are ideal für boat houses and yacht clubs, are low in noise and easy to transport. Since the cleaning technology of systeco works completely without water and solvents, it can be used anywhere without a problem.

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Fibreglass boat cleaning

For fibreglass boat cleaning you can forget about the tiring grinding and the chemical solvents. Just grab on to the vacuum blast equipment of systeco, since with systeco´s cleaning technology, paint is removed from fibreglass boats without great physicla effort. In addition to that systeco´s cleaning technology is especially eco friendly and can be used at any place in free nature.

Compared to conventional methods to remove paint from a fibreglass boat, with the vacuum blast technology no substances enter the environment and you don´t even need a respirator during work. The innovative vacuum blast method works in a closed cycle, in which all ablation residues are collected in a filter system of the machine. The filter is cleaned simple and fast after the working process.

Surface gentle fibreglass boat cleaning with
systeco cleaning technology

Even more than one above the other applied paint layers on a fibreglass boat hull are no problem for cleaning machines of systeco. The paint is thoroughly removed layer by layer without damaging the hulls surface. Try it yourself, systeco´s cleaning equipment is easy to operate, light and compact and with a low noise level.

systeco, your reliable partner in the field of green cleaning technology

Vacuum blasting of systeco, a complete new world of cleaning

The cleaning machines Tornado ACS of systeco are not only suited for surface gentle and ecofriendly paint removal from fibreglass boats, but also offer a lot more application possibilities. With these cleaning machines you can also clean completely all soilings from house facades, stone floors, tiled walls and walls with coat of paint.

Further information about the various application possibilities of systeco you can find on our website, or directly at one of systecos trade partner.