Boat hull cleaning with vacuum blasting

For the boat hull cleaning, systeco's vacuum blast method is the optimal solution. Thanks to our innovative cleaning technology, boat hulls are put back into a top condition completely environmentally friendly and surface gentle.

No matter what kind of contamination arises, with systeco paint and algae can be removed easily. The system is perfect for boat clubs, where boats are cleaned on
a green meadow and the environment should not be burdened.

The Tornado ACS cleans every boat hull thoroughly and gentle

Systeco'd cleaning machines work based on vacuum blasting, completely without high pressure, water and without chemical solvents, that could harm the surface of a boat hull. All it takes for boat cleaning with the cleaning equipment of systeco, is the right blast media and conventional power supply. Special precautions, such as wearing a protective gloves, are not required.

That's how easy it is to clean a boat hull with a systeco cleaning machine.

Cleaning with systeco means to be ready everywhere, because the lightweight and compact cleaning device can easily be transported. The operation is simple, and the work can be performed without significant physical effort. You just have to fill in the granulate that works best on the surface and turn on the machine. Now, the jet hood is placed on the contaminated boat hull surface and the jet lance is moved evenly. Through the observation glasses on the jet hood, it can be observed, how the paint and the dirt is removed layer by layer from the boat hull.

Boat hull cleaning without environmental pollution

All ablation residues are sucked immediately into the closed circuit of the machine and are collected in the integrated filter system. There is no possibility of the substances to escape and to pollute the environment. After the operation, the filter is removed and its contents can be disposed environmentally friendly.

Besides cleaning of boat hulls, systeco vacuum blast technology has many more application possibilities. Find out more about them on our website, or directly from one of our systeco trade partner all over Germany.