Removing graffiti from rubberised paint

In general, you cannot remove graffiti from painted surfaces with the cleaning machine Tornado ACS,  as this is the same medium. In this particular case, it's about rubberized paint, on which the graffiti can be removed  from easily. Since the rubber color is very soft, it is not attacked by the abrasive, although a small remnant shadow is not to be prevented.

The removal of graffiti with the Tornado ACS takes place in a closed cycle. The environment is not polluted by the vacuum blast method, since neither water nor chemicals are used and no substances can penetrate the environment. Protective clothing and barriers are also not necessary.

The application possibilities of this eco-friendly cleaning technology are various. Have a look at our website and the different application fields.

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With the vacuum blasting process not only graffiti can be removed. It is also used in fire damage restoration, to remove floor markings for photo engravings and for gravestone cleaning. The application possibilities are very versatile.