Professional sandstone floor cleaning

with the environmentally friendly
vacuum blast method of systeco

Environmental influences and climatic conditions cause the sandstone floor to darken during the years. Therto are also various other contaminants.To return to the sandstone´s natural hue, the sandstone floor has to be cleaned thoroughly from time to time.

Generally that is not problematic, if you follow some rules. Due to the use of the pressure washers, the microscopical structure of the sandstone, is changed, by which the sandstone floor pollutes faster in the future. Also sharp detergents should be avoided, since they are burdening the environment and faces the user with disposal problems very often.

There is another way -
no high pressure, water and chemicals

Professional sandstone floor cleaning works with the patented and unique advanced vacuum blast method of cleaning machine Tornado ACS. The minimal-abrasive technology enables an eco friendly professional sandstone floor cleaning. The cleaning effect with vacuum blasting is basically similar to a very fine grinding process and is reached by mechanic removal of polluted layers.

Professional sandstone floor cleaning with cleaning machine Tornado ACS of systeco, the surface of a sandstone floor is neither damaged nor do any debris anter the environment. With the vacuum blast method contaminants are removed layer by layer, without damaging the surface. Cleaning of a sandstone floor, especially in hallway- and staircase areas, is possible during public business, since it is cleaned in a closed cycle. The granulate can be reused (up to 100 times). The entire debris remains in the closed cycle of the system and is disposed with the filter cleaning.

The work can be done by anyone. Special skills are not required. The closed cycle of the cleaniing equipment allows a dust-free work without protective clothing.

systeco stands for effective and eco-friendly cleaning technology. With our patented vacuum blast method we have developed future oriented cleaning machines. The company guarantess solid quality of its long lived products.

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