Tornado ACS products and accessories

The eco friendly cleaning machines Tornado ACS can be used worldwide. We distribute the Tornado ACS cleaning equipment in four different packages (Basis-, TOP-, Premium-, Elite- and Elite Plus-System) and the corresponding versions forthe power supply of the respective countries. Accessories, wear parts and blasting material you can also find on this page.

You can get the price through our trade partners or directly from us. The cleaning equipments Tornado ACS and the accessories can be bought or leased. (Leasing is only possible in Germany).

Tornado ACS Versions for different power grids

The suction head of the Tornado ACS system with the three motors has to be adapted to the different power supply networks worldwide. Therefore, there is a special suction head and the corresponding plug system for each mains voltage, 

In Europe, Russia, China and South America, all power grids are designed for 230 V~.  The exception in Europe is Great Britain, where 115 V~ is still the norm. In the USA and Canada, the power grid is designed for 120 V~ and in Australia and New Zealand for 250 V~. Japan has a power grid with a voltage of 100 V~.