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Trade partner for systeco Vertriebs GmbH International

The cleaning machine Tornado ACS is distributed by our trading partners worldwide. For this unique minimal-abrasive technology there are many applications. Our trade partners around the world are very familiar with the Tornado ACS cleaning technology. They can help you with any questions you might have and give advice how to use the machine advantageously. We will gladly demonstrate this cleaning device Tornado ACS personally to objects of your choice, so you can assure yourself of the machine's advantages and also see the differences to pressure washers and dry ice blasting. Facade cleaning, graffiti removalfloor cleaninggrout cleaning, pool cleaning and saltpetre removal, are just some of the many application areas of our revolutionary cleaning technology.

Trade partner International

  • Stefan Bottcher Commercio
    contact person: Mr. Bottcher
    trade partner for Brazil

  • BR- Contagem - Minas Gerias
    Rodovia BR 381, 2000 Bairro
    Tel.: +55 313 2821 664

  • TRYTECNOS Co.,Ltd.
    contact person: Mr. Dohi
    trade partner Japan

  • J - 1300024 Tokyo
    2-9-5,1F, Kikukawa, SumidaKu
    Tel.: +81-33632-8068

  • Lorenz Hoeflich
    contact person: Mr. Lorenz Hoeflich
    trade partner for China

  • CN- 1000 74 Fengtai Peking, Yungang town
    No.3 Yard, Zhuanghu  Industrial  Zone
    Tel.: +86 10 683 21 867 23

  • Ruben Javier Esquivel Dominguez
    contact person: Mr. Esquivel Dominguez
    trade partner for Mexico

  • MEX - 36000 Guanajuato, Gto.
    Paseo Madero 42
    Tel.: +52 4731 2964 95

  • Gulf Trub Tech FZE
    contact person: Mr. Numrich
    Trade partner for United Arab Emirates

  • VAE - 341 346 Dubai
    Dubai Silicon Oasis HQ Bldg.
    Tel.: +971 4 371 2578


Further trade partners for Germany and Europe