How can you remove efflorescence?

Have you also used saltpeter remover for cleaning efflorescence on house facades?

Then you know how work-intensive and time consuming it can be, to carefully apply the remover with a paint brush or brush.

We of systeco have given it some thought of how can you remove efflorescence and developed a cleaning technology, which makes the removal of efflorescence very easy. With the cleaning machines Tornado ACS of systeco, efflorescence can be completely removed on all mineral grounds in inside and outside areas, simple and fast.

You only need to connect the cleaning appliance to a normal power source, replace the jet cap on the polluted surface and façade and move the jet lance evenly over the efflorescence. You will be amazed how easy it is to remove the whitish streaks of brick, natural stone, concrete and plaster.

For the cleaning process neither physical effort nor special knowledge are required. The lightweight and compact systeco cleaning machines can be operated by each employee and provide maximum safety at work.

How can you remove efflorescence without polluting the environment

Naturally we paid attention to the environmental aspects for the development of cleaning technology Tornado ACS, so that no chemicals or water have to be used for the efflorescence removal. systeco cleaning machines enable a complete ecofriendly cleaning. All ablation residues are collected in the filter system of the machine and therefore do not get into the air or groundwater.

If you would like to find out more about the removal of efflorescende from facades with  cleaning technology Tornado ACS, have a look on our website or just contact one of our trade partner directly.