How to remove efflorescence?

You are in the facade cleaning industry and don't want to use nitric chemical solvents for the removal of efflorescence anymore? Then the question arises of how to remove efflorescence without chemicals and without polluting the environment unnecessarily? The cleaning equipment of Systeco provides the solution.

Finding the cause of nitrification

Before it comes to the removal of efflorescence, it initially applies to find out the cause of nitric efflorescence and eliminate these. In most cases it will be the penetration of moisture and organic deposits, such as animal excrement, in the masonry. Through a chemical reaction with the rock this leads to nitric efflorescence. First, it needs to be drained.

How to remove efflorescence eco-friendly and surface gentle

After resolving the cause, the question arises of how to remove efflorescence with the cleaning machine Tornado ACS. The cleaning technology  of systeco is based on a principle of an especially surface gentle vacuum blast method which works completely without high pressure, water and chemicals. There is no environmental impact of waste water and the air is not contaminated by ablation residues.

The eco-friendly cleaning equipment of systeco removes efflorescence completely from stones and grouts without damaging those. Therefore, you have to use blast media, which by the negative pressure, speeds up to 400 km/h. The high impact speed of the abrasive dissolves efflorescence itself from the smallest cleaves and slots in the masonry, to make it look like new again.

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