Cleaning gravel concrete with Tornado ACS

Gravel concrete is very decorative for terrace, lanes and facades and on top of it non-slid. But careful, if the rough concrete surface with the embedded gravel pollutes, in can turn into a very slippery trap. Dirt, moss- and algae growth make gravel concrete tiling look unsightly and when it rains, also very slippery. For prevention, gravel concrete has to be cleaned thoroughly from time to time.

For cleaning gravel concrete, this cleaning technology Tornado ACS has the best conditions. Thanks to the extreme cleaning power, even the most stubborn impurities can be removed completely from gravel concrete. Even color and rust are no problem for the cleaning equipment.

The innovative and environmentally friendly cleaning technology works completely without water, high pressure or chemical means.

Cleaning gravel concrete with vacuum blasting

The cleaning technology Tornado ACS is based on a patented vacuum blast method, which creates a closed cycle. In contrast to a pressure washer, the dirt in the case is not being spread into the environment, but caught in the filter system of the machine. When cleaning the gravel concrete tiling, no barriers or protective clothes are necessary. With the eco-friendly cleaning machine you are always a step ahead of time, not only for cleaning gravel concrete, but also for the cleaning of all other mineral surfaces. Have a look at our website, you can find all relevant information on here.