House facade cleaning with the cleaning machine Tornado ACS

Are you looking for an effective and eco-friendly house facade cleaning? The cleaning machine Tornado ACS meets all requirements of a modern cleaning technique and will be a reliable partner for facade cleaning for you.

House facades look like new again with the cleaning machine Tornado ACS.

House facade cleaning has never been that easy. With the innovative vacuum blast method of the cleaning machine Tornado ACS, the most persistent contaminants such as algae, moss, rust or efflorescence can be removed from house facades gentle and residue-free. If it is a EIFS-Facades or out of natural stone, with the help of systeco´s cleaning technology, your house facade will look like new again either way.

Especially well the cleaning technology Tornado ACS is suited for the residue-free removal of graffiti from house facades made of brick, natural stone, concrete, plaster, coat of paint, tile and plastic.

House facade cleaning, simple and safe

Without great physical effort and special safety measures, house facade cleaning with cleaning machine Tornado ACS goes trouble-free and without damaging it. The cleaning process can be done safely on facades located at a street with public business. The jet hood, which adheres to the facade due to the vacuum, makes work with the cleaning equipment Tornado ACS completely safe.

The cleaning technology Tornado ACS makes eco-friendly cleaning possible not only on house facade cleaning, but also on floors, stairs, tiles and many more.

Facade cleaning with cleaning equipment Tornado ACS

Are you looking for a simple but effective possibility for cleaning facades?

Then try out the cleaning equipment Tornado ACS, which completely removes all pollutants from your facade with its new environmentally friendly cleaning technique.  

Due to the innovative vacuum blast method, cleaning facades and walls can be done residue-free from efflorescence, algae, rust, graffiti and many more.

Contaminants such as graffiti, saltpeter, rust, algae, moss, lime and paint can be easily cleaned from your facade with the cleaning machine Tornado ACS.

Cleaning facades gently without affecting the subsurface, the cleaning machine Tornado ACS provides the optimal solution for a thorough facade cleaning.

This cleaning machine even removes the most obstinate pollutants on all mineral surfaces, without high pressure, water and chemicals. No matter if your facade consists of brick, natural stone, concrete, travertine or EIFS system, the cleaning machine Tornado ACS makes it look like new again without a great effort.

Also, with the vacuum blasting method, your facade is not just cleaned thoroughly but also very environmentally friendly. The cleaning technique Tornado ACS works in a closed cycle, so that no substances can penetrate to the outside. Only when the filter is cleaned, the disposal of residue takes place.

Convince yourself of this revolutionary cleaning technology and its many application possibilities.

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