Natural stone restoration eco-friendly

On the photo you see an old facade in Al-Salt Vity (Jordan). Most of the facades in Amman which consists of the very sensitive natural stone, which is supposed to be restored eco-friendly. The use of pressure washers and pressure blasting methods is prohibited, since the stone would be damaged too much. Moreover both methods are not very ecofriendly. The working area has to be widely shut-off, the removals and the cleaning detergent have to collected and disposed very costly.

The facade stands for a well maintained outer experience. Restoration with the most modern methods and techniques is not only about good looks, but also about the preservation of the exterior façades.

There are other ways - without high pressure, without water and without chemicals

Natural stone restoration eco-friendly is relatively uncomplicated with the vacuum blast method of systeco. The patented cleaning system Tornado ACS works based on the unique advancedvacuum blast method. The minimally-abrasive technology enables eco-friendly restoration of facades. To close off the working area is not necessary. The natural stone facade can be restored in public, since the work is done in a closed cycle. The used granulate can be re-used in the circulation (up to 100 times). The entire removal remains in the closed system and is only disposed off with the filter cleaning.

Sandstone cleaning and restoring eco-friendly

Even sandstone is cleaned and restored well with the vacuum blast method of systeco. The old dirt is completel removed. Due to the closed cycle working in public is not a problem. Protective clothing are not necessary for the operation of the cleaning machine.