Fire damage restoration at running operation

fire damage restoration in a basement
fire damage restoration basement
basement ceiling is cleaned trouble-free
basement fire damage restoration
wood is cleaned from rust
fire damage restoration wood
white latex wall cleaned
fire damage restoration wall

After the fire was extinguished, the further processing by competent personnel is imperative. Released pollutants, burned surfaces have to be removed and cleaned professionally in accordance with legal provisions.

Very often you are faced with the question of how one can perform the fire damage restoration, without interrupting the running operation. The costs of stopping the production are usually extremely high. In this case it would be good to have a cleaning machine that meets these requirements..

Fire damage restoration with vacuum blast method

The innovative cleaning technology of systeco works based on a vacuum blast method, which is to the contrary of a pressure washer or sandblaster absolutely ecofriendly. With cleaning machine Tornado ACS fire damages are completely removed from interior walls and facades. Even tile grouts in bath and kitchen are totally clean again in the fire damage restoration with the vacuum blast method. The operation is simple and the cleaning operation can be carried out without great force.

The Tornado ACS cleaning technology can be used both for internal as well as external. The possible area performance is about 3 to 5 square meters per hour.

Fire damage restoration without burdening the environment

In the fire damage restoration with cleaning machine Tornado ACS all removed fire residues remain in the closed cycle. These are disposed of only after the end of the operation. Special health and saftey measured or protective clothes are not required. Indoors no respirators have to be worn.

With cleaning equipment Tornado ACS not only effective fire damage restoration cann be done, but also algae, moss, rust, efflorescence and graffiti can be removed completely from facades, walls and house walls.

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