Brick cleaning - Tornado ACS

Are you looking for a reliable cleaning technique for graffiti removal off brick ? Then you have just found the right cleaning equipment Tornado ACS.

The ultimate graffiti removal, which cleans any brick facade residue-free. This convincing cleaning power is going to thrill you! You don't have to strain yourself when working with this, since the handling is very easy. The cleaning machine is useable in no time and can be used in- and outdoors without great preparation.

This has never been there before ... with cleaning machine Tornado ACS brick cleaning is done without water, high pressure and chemical means. Due to the innovative vacuum blast method, brick cleaning from facade is gentle to the environment. Neither stones nor grouts are damaged by the use of graffiti remover Tornado ACS.

Brick cleaning without polluting the environment!

When working with the cleaning technology Tornado ACS no environmental pollution is caused by dangerous substances or contaminated water. The vacuum blast method works in a closed cycle which means nothing can get to the outside and pollute it, not like the pressure washer. After the use of the machine, the filter will be cleaned from the collected dust.

With the cleaning equipment Tornado ACS you can even clean a brick facade on a road open to the public, without setting up barriers or delimitations. The application is absolutely harmless and can be easily carried out by persons without special training.

If you want to find out more about brick cleaning with cleaning technology Tornado ACS, have a look at our website.