Graffiti removal from plaster

Not only are skills and experience needed for graffiti removal from plaster but also the right cleaning tool.

Especially on plastered facades, on which are many small openings, the spray paint can soak in deeply and is therefore difficult to remove.
Someone who tries to use a high pressure cleaner, must expect that the hard stream is damaging the surface of the plaster and makes the facade look unsightly.

Conventional cleaning methods are not able to protect the original materials of the surfaces to be cleaned as well as the environment since most use high pressure, water and chemicals.
On the long run, there must be found a better and eco-friendly solution to this problem but with the same results to avoid further damaging the environment.

Graffiti removal safe and clean

For that very reason, systeco has developed a cleaning technology, which makes graffiti removal on plaster very easy and ecologic.

The cleaning machines Tornado ACS remove graffiti from plaster fast and thoroughly without causing damage.
The vacuum blast method takes care of the gentle cleaning of the surface which even removes the finest paint particles residue-free without using high pressure, water or chemicals.
The result is a bright and clean plaster facade.

Facade cleaning with systeco,
for more safety and a clean environment.

The close cycle of the machine ensures that all ablation residues end up in the filter system of the cleaning machine, so that work can take place as safe and environmentally friendly as possible. As a result, barriers while removing graffiti on busy streets are no longer necessary. In contrast to a pressure washer, the minimally-abrasive cleaning technology does not produce hazardous waste, since it works completely without water and chemicals.

With systeco´s cleaning machines Tornado ACS
graffiti removal from plaster is easily done.

The cleaning machines of systeco find their use everywhere and in any situation, because they are light and compact, simple in handling, work with a low noise level and only require a normal power supply. Even at minus temperatures, graffiti removal from plaster is no problem anymore.

With the innovative systeco cleaning technology, you can bring your company to the next level. Let the machine convince you ! Find one of systecos trade partner near you for a demonstration.