How can you remove graffiti eco-friendly

Sooner or later every professional comes to the question: "how can you remove graffiti, without damaging the facades surface and without polluting the environment?"
The answer is systeco cleaning technology, because the cleaning machines of systeco offer the ultimate solution for a surface gentle and eco-friendly graffiti removal without high pressure, water and chemicals, thanks to the minimal-abrasive vacuum blast method.

That's how graffiti is removed
gentle and eco-friendly

With the cleaning machines Tornado ACS of Systeco the most stubborn spray paint can be removed without residue and gentle of all mineral substrates. Whether this is plaster, brick, natural stone, concrete or ceramic tile, even graffiti on paintwork and plastic are no problem for a Tornado ACS cleaning machine.

On the contrary to conventional cleaning methods, such as the use of a pressure washer for example, the cleaning technology Tornado ACS removes graffiti even on sensitive surfaces without leaving any traces while protectin the environment from contamination.

You don't have to worry about environmental provisions, since the cleaning machines of systeco are working completely without high pressure, water and chemicals. All ablation residue are collected in the filter system of the cleaning machine, and no substances can penetrate the environment. That is also the reason that no barriers or delimitations have to be set up on busy roads during the removal of graffiti.

A more eco-friendly way of removing graffiti with systeco cleaning machines

Cleaning machines Tornado ACS can be used at any place with a normal power source available. They are simple in handling, light and compact, very low in noise and even work and at minus temperatures.

If you want more information, about how to remove graffiti, have a look at our website or contact one of our trade partner.