How to remove graffiti ?

From facade cleaning companies not only quality and efficiency are demanded at the present time, but also environmental awareness: For this reason the question arises of how to remove graffiti without polluting the environment? Simply by using the eco-friendly cleaning machines Tornado ACS of systeco for graffiti removal.

How to remove graffiti
environmental safe?

We of Systeco have developed a cleaning technique that removes graffiti residue free from all surfaces and thereby produces neither wastewater nor can penetrate ablation residues outwards. The systeco cleaning machines operate on the principle of vacuum blasting method, which is also known as negative pressure method.

Being green means to act customer friendly

In contrary to conventional pressure-jet methods, the vacuum blast method works in a closed cycle, where all residues are collected in the filter system of the cleaning machine. The environment remains absolutely during the removal of graffiti with the cleaning technology Tornado ACS. 

But the cleaning machines of systeco can do a lot more… 

... In addition to the environmentally friendly graffiti removal, the cleaning machines Tornado ACS, offer many other advantages for the modern facade cleaning operation. Because the Tornado ACS allows not only the graffiti removal from building walls, but also it removes pollution by exhaust gases, moss, algae, efflorescence and even rust. The units are easy to transport, can also be used at minus temperatures and only need a normal power supply. More about of how to remove graffiti and all other pollutes environmentally friendly, can be found here on our website or at one of our trading partners.