Professional graffiti removal

Without a professional graffiti removal from facades and walls, most probably you wouldn't be able to recognize our cities today. To deal with this problem effectively, some things have changed, not only by law, also in the field of cleaning technology. Efficiency and Sustainability are two important aspects to consider. The cleaning technique Tornado ACS offers both components perfectly in one cleaning device.

Thanks to the patented and eco-friendly vacuum blast method in form of the Tornado ACS, graffities can be removed from facades effectively, residue-free and without polluting the environment. The simple operation of the cleaning machine turns the professional graffiti removal into an easy job, that can be done by any person without special knowledge.

Professional way of graffiti removal

Take advantage of the revolutionary cleaning technology Tornado ACS leaving graffiti no chance. Just place the jet hood onto the sprayed area and smoothly move the jet lance over the surface. That way, graffities on all kinds of house facades can be removed problem-free. The professional graffiti removal with cleaning machine Tornado ACS works in a closed cycle, so that no particles can penetrate to the outside.

In addition to its environmental friendliness, the cleaning equipment is also known for its high surface coverage. It is easily possible for the professional graffiti removal to take down graffiti from an area of approx. 3 to 6 qm within one hour.