Engraving granite with vacuum blasting method

Do you want to engrave the motive of a photo or QR-Code on granite? The cleaning technology Tornado ACS with it´s unique vacuum blast method cannot only be used for facade cleaning, but also for engraving granite. In no time the cleaning machine changes into a professional applicable granite engraving equipment, which can create top visually engravings.

Engraving granite from subjects makes them visually perfect

With vacuum blast machine Tornado ACS engravings from portraits or other subjects can be done problem-free on floors, windows- and door frames madew of granite. With the help of the revolutionary vacuum blasting method granite engravings can be done wihtout prior special knowledge.  The handling of the granite engraving machine is easy, the engraving work can be carried out directly on site or in a workshop.

Engraving granite easy done

Give granite facades or floor covering a special touch with the engraving of designs. With the granite engraving equipment Tornado ACS, engraving granite has never been easier before. The vacuum blasting method makes it possible and that´s how it goes:

After creating the sand blast foil, it is placed and pressed onto the cleaned stone surface. To this a soft scraper and some moisture is needed.

Now the blasting process with the vacuum blast machine can start. This has to continue until all areas of the subject have reached the desired depth. The procedure can be visually controlled by the window of the jet hood.

After finishing the foil must be removed again and your granite engraving is ready. Due to the application of white paint the contrast of the subject can be increased.

Convince yourself of the fantastic possibilities of the Tornado ACS,
not only for engraving granite.