Professional tile and grout cleaning

How can grouts be cleaned fast and eco friendly?

Very simple - with the unique innovative cleaning technology of systeco, the professional tile and grout cleaning with cleaning machine Tornado ACS.

In the sample on the right hand side, you can see a fresh plastered grout on a brick wall. With the vacuum blast technology of systeco, plaster residues can be totally removed. Here no granules and dirt particles can enter the outside. The grouts look perfectly plastered again.

Professional grout cleaning on floor tile 

Of course, this is also possible with normal dirt. Especially the grouts in floor tiles dirt very quickly. But even on a tiled wall the grouts are greying, especially in the deduction and shower area. Since the surface to be cleaned is very small (grout width), you can clean larger areas with cleaning machine Tornado ACS quickly.

Functioning of the vacuum blast technology

For cleaning a normal power conncetion is only needed. Safety measures are not required, since neither high pressure nor chemicals are used. The  granulate can be used in a cycle up to 100 times. This way the granulate consumption is very low. The operation of the vacuum blast machine is learned in a few minutes. Special skilled staff is not required.