Reverse graffiti advertising

Reverse graffiti" refers to images and messages that are applied to soiled surfaces using cleaning processes. The image is created by removing the dirt or colour. 

Reverse graffiti can be created particularly well and in an environmentally friendly way using the vacuum blasting process. This process can be used to beautify unsightly facades or floors.
It can also be used to apply targeted advertising messages.

With a stencil and the special vacuum blasting device from systeco, these "negative images" can be applied to any surface quickly and in an environmentally friendly way.

Reverse graffiti in large format

Only small reverse graffiti can be created with the template. However, you can also create very large reverse graffiti, such as on this dam. The artwork "Fisch-Reich" is by Klaus Dauven and was created in 2012. Only part of the surface is cleaned. Of course, this requires a lot of skill and good spatial awareness.

The use of vacuum blasting technology would not make sense here. The area is simply too large and access is very difficult.

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Vacuum blasting technology can do much more. The spectrum ranges from graffiti removal to photo engraving. The environmentally friendly cleaning machine works without high pressure, without water and without chemicals.