Efflorescence cleaning with cleaning machines of systeco

Efflorescence cleaning with cleaning machines without high pressure, water and chemicals!

Efflorescence on brick walls develops due to the crystallization of salt. The main reason is not only moisture penetrating into the brick wall but also animal excrements can cause efflorescence.

Visually efflorescence is shown as unsightly white stains on the facade surface, which can be removed completely and eco-friendly with cleaning technology Tornado ACS.

With cleaning equipment Tornado ACS efflorescence have no chance.

Due to the innovative vacuum blast method efflorescence cleaning on brick stone and grouts are completely removed layer by layer, without damaging the surface. In contrast to a high pressure cleaner, the debris are not spread into the environment, but caught in a filter system of the cleaning machine. The result is clean facade and a clean environment.

Systeco cleaning machines can be used wherever a normal power connection is available. It is no need to obtain approval for the facade cleaning and while working on busy roads no barriers are require. On top of it systeco´s cleaning machines are of very low noise.

If it comes to the efflorescence cleaning on facades, there is nothing better than cleaning technology Tornado ACS. The unbeatable cleaning power, can even remove the most stubborn efflorescence and the easy handling has already convinced plenty of cleaning companies and house owners throughout Germany. You too will be thrilled!

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