Fire Damage Removal with vacuum blast method

Do you want to remove a fire damage on a masonry, wall or house facade? The try the cleaning equipment Tornado ACS for the fire damage restoration. The innovative cleaning technology is based on a vacuum blast method which is in contrast to a pressure washer or sandblasting, environmentally friendly.

Eco friendly fire damage removal

With cleaning machine Tornado ACS, fire damages can be removed from facades and interior walls residue-free. Even tile-grouts in bathroom and kitchen are completely clean agin with the vacuum blast method used for the eco friendly fire damage restoration.  The operation is simple and the cleaning process can be done without great physical effort.

The cleaning technique Tornado ACS can beused inside as well as outdoors. The possible surface performance is about 3 to 6 qm an hour.

Eco friendly fire damage removal without polluting the environment

For eco friendly fire
damage removal with cleaning machine Tornado ACS, all removed fire residues remain in a closed cycle and are disposed of after completion of the operation.

Special safety measured or protecitve clothes are not required, also in closed rooms, filter masks during the operation are not necessary.

Cleaning machine Tornado ACS can be used for eco friendly fire damage removal and also algae, moss, rust, saltpeter and graffiti can be removed residue-free from facades, walls and house walls.

Take your time checking our website to find out about all possible use for the cleaning technology Tornado ACS.