Graffiti removal with low cost - systeco

A graffiti sprayed facade, is not only an optical offense. In most cases the not to underestimated cost of graffiti removal have to be paid by the home owner. Facade cleaning companies, whic work efficient and offer a low cost service, are clearly in advance.

The cost of graffiti removal depends of size of the polluted area, the surface and which paint was used. Very fast significant cost can come up from 30 to 70 € per. Because of the high environmental standards the cost for graffiti removal are exploding, since any residue must be collected and then be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. Failing to comply with these provisions can cause severe penalties. In many countries, the use of chemical cleaning agents is generally not allowed. Thats why there is a great demand of an ecofriendly cleaning machine like the Tornado ACS from systeco. The direct comparison shows, that the cleaning machines Tornado ACS are about an average of 30 % cheaper, than conventional cleaning systems. The savings lies mainly in the preparation and follow.

Tornado ACS cleaning machine
keeps the cost of graffiti removal low
and the environment clean!

With the cleaning machines Tornado ACS contractors can offer their customers not only a cost-effective offer for a graffiti removal, but that also they protect the environment. Because the systeco cleaning technology  has been developed so, that it works perfectly without high pressure, water and chemicals. The cleaning machines Tornado ACS work in a closed cycle with the vacuum blast method, so that no ablation resideu can penetrate the outside. All materials are collected in the dust filter of the machine and can be disposed of environmentally friendly after the working process.

Graffiti removal was never that easy!

There is no initial training for employees required, since systeco´s cleaning machines are easy to operate and therefore make graffiti removal very easy. Working with the Tornado ACS neither requires a respirator nor safety gloves have to be worn. Barriers when working on busy streets are not required. That all lowers the cost of graffiti removal considerably.

If you want to find out more about the graffiti removal with systeco´s cleaning machines, have a look at our website or simply get in touch with one of our trade partner.